Monday, October 24, 2011

Julian + More Scoop

Took the punks out for some country lovin' in Julian, California.  It's about an hour away, at 4,000 feet altitude and absolutely gorgeous.  It has 4 seasons, including snow and tons of charm.

Picked apples at Raven Hill Orchard.

Then, we walked along Main Street.  Reminds me of a ski town.  Bustling with people.....all anxious for a taste of fall instead of coastal beach life.

There are several side streets and places to get lost in.  Many darling little stores to spend lots of money in.

I kind of want to move here just so I can say I go to this super deluxe fitness center.  Seriously.  How cute is that?  Lifetime, you got nothing on Julian Fitness Center.

Found lots of treasures in here for my biz, Mom's Little Secrets.

Julian is famous for Mom's Pies.  I'm not a pie person.  But, I hear they're fabulous.

60 miles from home!

I shopped while Blake took the kids in this soda fountain. 

Do you know how fun it is to shop "in the name of work"? 

Our bounty.

Biddy apples.  Perfect to use for school lunches.  You know, for normal kids.  Not Jack - please don't tell him apples grow on trees.  I'm hoping he forgets all about this day and will continue with applesauce. 

What kind of mother hides the nutrition and goodness in food to keep her kids eating it?!


My sweet friend, Nicky, from Deglazing sent the Starnes kiddos this darling book for the approaching holiday season.

I'm so grateful to have met her!  She has fantastic recipes and really spells everything out for you.  Love.

Sweet Laine is so anxious to grow up.  Here is her "homework" she worked so diligently on while the boys did theirs.

Makes me smile and want to cry all at the same time.  Her little hands were worn out!

Been practicing my cake pops.  These were pecan praline with vanilla cream cheese frosting, coated in almond bark and a drop of chocolate.  Yum.

Finally, yall have to check out this Plum District (think Groupon and Social Living) deal.  Love, love, love her stuff.  I'm a huge fan of snail mail and this makes it oh so pretty.

Link here.

Promise you'll love it.

Off to decompress after a long day with kiddos.  I'm saving all of my Davidge pics for one post.  And, there are some good ones.

Princess Laine has been turned into a tom boy with 4 boys near her age egging her on.  She donned a wrestling mask, gun and "ninoculars" while playing 'guns'.

Blake asked her if she was part of the mafia.

"I fink so."



Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Apple picking is so fun! And I'm all about hiding nutritional value if need be. If Jack protests just start calling it "candy sauce". Whatever gets the job done.
So impressed with your latest cake pops! You're a pro!
Looking forward to seeing ninja Laine tomorrow. Between her and Rylee's moves the boys don't stand a chance!

Leiah said...

I'm with Jack. I love pickles but loathe cucumbers. I cannot eat a pickle if it's still in its original form. Blech!

Love those cake pops - too cute.

PS: I still want to be Lainey when I grow up. Tutus and all.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I love, love, love Julian! It looks like you had loads of fun! As always, Lainey looked just adorable!

Football and Fried Rice said...

What an amazing little town! I want to come! Apple picking and sun shining? Nt sure it gets much better than that!

Love your cake balls! They are one of my favorite things to make (& great at testing my patience!)

Brittny said...

I want to move to California.
At least for a little while.

Dee Stephens said...

Julian looks like my kind of day trip!!!

M.R. said...

that is so hilarious! looks like a very fun time!

and those cake balls look awesome!

merrilee said...

Have never been to Julian, but now you have really inspired me. It looks charming. Love Plum District!

Sara said...

I've never been to an apple orchard. I need to google it and see if there's any around here. Looks like a great little town!

The Lenzers said...

my kind of town! we have never been apple picking, must research