Monday, March 19, 2012

Britney and Kids Part 3

The fun continues!

Wednesday included a day at the beach after school.  Brit's kids are used to Florida beaches.......and Florida heat with luke warm water and the motivation to get in.  Not the case here!  

They toughed it out, anyway.

Off they go.

Smart girls stayed behind and played in the sand with cover ups on.

None of us are quite sure what's going on here.

Have I mentioned how happy it makes me to see our kids so close with their cousins?  

Memories to last a life time.

Another funny moment of an entirely different nature.  

Britney torturing Maci with hair brushing after the beach.  :)

Dinner at the Harbor followed.  I love that we can drive 10 minutes to a fun place like this.....and then share it with family and friends!

Blake is busier than ever with tax season, but was able to join us for dinner.

Thursday brought us to fabulous La Jolla.  No visit to San Diego is complete without it.

Love these guys.  There are 38 pups currently in this area.  Babies everywhere!

Just a random pic I took......and I think it's my favorite from the trip.  Sweet Maci Kaye and mama.

We mentioned that we might get a cupcake at some point that morning and HAD TO follow through.

Note to Maci's future husband:  Don't say it if you don't mean it.

Cups in La Jolla.  Super cute with a dog house, food/water and lounge.

Another favorite picture.

Lainey has a crush on Trysten.

Maci has a crush on Carter.

And, we obviously have a few family tree conversations in our future.

One more day to go!  I'll be back soon with another update and more photos from our trip.

Leaving super late tomorrow night (or super early Wednesday morning, depending on how you look at it) to fly out of LAX.  I'm visiting Jillian in Kansas City and helping her recover after surgery today.  She did well and things look good......but prayers for a continued recovery and less pain are welcome.  Thanks in advance for that.

Who will watch the kids?

Blake!  And, Allison.  It will be a team effort.  I know they can do it. 

But, maybe you could say a prayer for them, too?


The Jones Family said...

Cupcake quote to remember "mom (in her sing song like voice), is Casey going to get me a cupcake or what, it's annoying"...

That girl loves her cupcakes! :)

Jodee said...

Another fun day! I am dying to get to La Jolla!

Have fun in K.C.

Dee Stephens said...

Who's Jillian?
So much to say about this post.
Love all the pictures. Cups? SUPER CUTE!! Love the dog house and that picture of Maci with her cupcake.

donatelli98 said...

Who doesn't love a good cupcake?

Kelly Beatty said...

I love LaJolla. I am saying lots of prayers for Blake and the kids. They will miss you! I love the cousin love. Did you explain to Lainey she can't marry both Tristan & Jack? She must choose one.

Wiz said...

Is your husband an accountant! I am a CPA but never did taxes for the most part. John even does ours! But I was busy with yearend early in the year, but not anymore!!

And I am jealous of the cousin's relationship. My kids dont really have any cousins....well any cousins whose parents we talk to. Family fun! My brother needs to get on the ball!!