Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Britney and Kids Part 4 - The Finale!

We're almost there, folks.

We finished Thursday evening at the Hotel Del Coronado.

I don't care how many times we visit.....just like tourists.....I so love it there.  One of the best beaches in southern California, yummy food and beautiful views.

We could barely see them!  


We kept track.  Promise.

Sassy girls.

Boys went clamming and found all sorts of critters.

Friday arrived.  Kids not in school kept busy.  I think we could have left them in the back yard with access to the fridge and they wouldn't have missed us a bit.  Lots to see and do.

I love this kid more each time I see her, even when I don't think it's possible.  She's a true original.

After school, we had another beach visit and then off to dinner at Ruby's.

Big boys did a little surfing, but it was quite chilly, even with suits on.

Justin Beiber Trysten.

Seriously nutty kids.

Little ones loved the pier.  

Smart, Laine.

Saturday morning arrived way too soon.  Britney and kids packed up and headed back home.  We miss them already!  But, we'll soon be together again at the beach in Florida.  This time, at Water Sound, adjacent to Seaside.  Still in the Destin area. 

Leaving in a few hours for Kansas City. Lots to catch up on, including a post with my big brother, Chris, while he visited a few weeks ago.  So fun having him here!  More to come.

Night, friends!


Dee Stephens said...

Trysten does look like Bieber!! haha!!
Love you coral :)
Blake is so very Southern looking. Southern boys all have that same stance in pictures with their drinks in hand :)
Your kids should consider the Hotel Del their home away from home! Safe travels

Kelly Beatty said...

I LOVE LOVE your outfit. And Lainey's hair. Need pics of Carter surfing soon! Have fun on your visit to KC!

M.R. said...

Such cute pics- so jealous of where u live! :-)