Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Random Bits

I swept out from under Lainey's bed today.

This is what I found. 

Where is her mother and why doesn't she control her hoarding habits?

Always Currently obsessed with the back yard. 

Solved our candle problem (rain) with jars and sand.

Mini lanterns.  Cute.

Remember about a year ago when I said we were shopping for outdoor furniture?

Well, we got it.  Finally.  And, it was worth the wait.

I shall sleep outside moving forward.

I wasn't even looking at this set.

Then, Home Depot posted a President's Day Sale.  Couldn't pass it up.  Helluva deal.  It's Thomasville Eucalyptus wood and should weather well with the sun and elements. 

Rain beads up and slides right off.  For now.

It's fabulous.

Next step?  Cable dude.  We're almost there!

Painted our wicker set and moved it to the gazebo. 

We now have seating for a party of fit your intimate wedding or bar mitzvah.

We have problems, people.  We don't know how to do things normally.

The best part?  Our whole yard smells like jasmine.  It trails over from our neighbor and leaves this beautiful, fragrant cloud of bliss.

I love it.

Speaking of not normal.

Cut the shaggy dogs' hair.  Including about 3-4 inches off of Lainey's.

Take a look at Jack, below.

(((((And, he's not upset about that cut on his nose.  Just life in general.)))))

Oh, and he got that cut on his nose while skiing.  Well, technically, he fell down at the snack bar and scraped it on the counter, but I told him to tell everyone he did it "while skiing". 

It's true, kind of.

We're officially the family that spills things, by the way. 

1. one shake, two times, in the back seat and the second row of my Suburban
2.  at Snow Summit
3.  at the hotel during breakfast
4.  at Big Bear
5.  again in the car

It's mostly Jack, but we all contribute.  If you wait tables and see us coming, fake illness and go home.

There's my boy.  I can see his eyes again!

My head hurts.  Horrendous allergies + crazy, wicked diet = headache.

Off to put kids to bed at 5:45pm.



Jodee said...

Oh my word! So much cuteness in one single post! Love the jars and new furniture. Your back yard is just darling. When can we move in? Jack is a hoot!

donatelli98 said...

Love the haircuts!! And the new furniture. Looks perfect for sipping wine and chatting. I should book a flight now! What diet are you on now?

Brittny said...

HOLY COW CARTER!!!!!! I forgot he had a face under all that hair. And I love your new furniture. I wish he had a house. You know, to call our own. To know everything won't be packed up again and moved to another location. Ready for that dream house. Ok, I'm going to shut up and take Miss Priss to school now. But I WILL be back!!!

Kelly Beatty said...

Dear "family that spills things" are awesome. I love Carter's new haircut. He looks older now. Your back yard is so awesome. How about the awesome score you got on the furniture...when you weren't even looking at that kind! You have to get the cable hooked up. Then, the kids could sleep out there!

Kelly Beatty said...

Awesome is obviously my word of the day. Awesome.

Dee Stephens said...

Your backyard living space rocks the casbah!

Monica said...

Your back yard is a paradise.

The Lenzers said...

545??? You're my kind of mom! What the hell diet are you on? love the furniture we are working on our patios too. only we get to enjoy our for a coupe of months out of the year!

Merry Mack said...

I need to see Lainey's hair. The boys look great. I love seeing kids eyes. They don't understand this. I love your outdoor living space. The furniture looks great. We use Ball jars for everything. It's my favorite glass to sip a cocktail in.

caroline said...

Wow! The yard looks great! The wicker turned out really well, too.

Love the haircuts. Perfect for summer.

Wiz said...

Oh my gosh! Huge difference in hair for the boys. They are good looking boys either way :)

And your backyard is beautiful!

Kristen said...

Carter's hair!!! Ahhh! He is so handsome, although I will always be a big fan of the long shaggy hair look. But he can pull off anything- the kid's a looker. Watch out young ladies of southern California.
Love the new furniture. I cannot wait to have a yard. Or a patio. We can use it about 3 months a year here in the land of frozen tundra but they shall someday be the most amazing 3 months ever.
Also. I want a gazebo.
Lainey- wow girl. I am nominating you for the show hoarders immediately since your Mother doesn't seem to control your pack rat tendencies.