Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Random Scoop

 Seems to be all we're capable of right now........randomness!

Here is the view from my bed......where I've spent many of my days, trying to escape the heat.  I love our little house.

 At night, the lanterns come on and it's even lovelier.

We all know my kids are weirdos, but even this baffles me.  Lainey insists on putting Lamby and other stuffed animal favorites in the fridge or freezer.  She loves them cold.

This is not a heat wave thing.  This is a Lainey thing.

While Carter was with friends overnight, we took the little ones to the beach.

Our little toots are getting pretty good on the boogie boards.  

Next up, surfing!

I love the many faces of Laine.

 Look at her short hair!  It falls just below her shoulders.....and looks even shorter when I gel and curl it.  Super cute.

One of the best parts of having kids so close together is that they are the best of friends.  Arch enemies at times, too.  But, more often than not, friends.

Carter is back.  

The heat is still miserable.

School is starting soon.  Backpacks, supplies, new shoes and athletic clothes for Carter have been purchased.  Almost ready!


Kim said...

Great pictures! I love the kitties in the fridge! Enjoy your last days of summer hopefully you get some relief from the heat soon. We are only expecting 75 tomorrow, I think I might drag out pants for work!

Dee Stephens said...

Sending this post to my bloggy friend Mrs. MFC. Her kids will be exactly 12-months apart when she delivers in Feb!

donatelli98 said...

It's not hot there! Come visit me and I will show you hot!! Love your patio!

Jo said...

What a lovely view from your bed!

I know my kids are also close together in age and great friends (when they are not trying to kill each other)

The Lenzers said... least it's not a real cat in the fridge
love the sand on the bums in the beach pics

Jodee said...

Random posts are the best!

Love, love, love your patio!

Cold cats crack me up!

Always jealous of your beach pictures!

.Sass.Jane. said...

I've done a mini catch up on the life of Case! Your view is GORGEOUS! So jealous. Carter looks enormous...getting closer to dating material, obvi. Jack & Laine, the best of friends. Sweetness.
Miss y'all.
We're playing phone tag....hater.

Unknown said...

Your outdoor patio looks gorgeous. I can't wait to get wasted and end up passing out on that couch. You'll take care of the bebe, right?

Wiz said...

Love to see how close Laine and Jack are! And Colt puts his blankies in the freezer all the time. He is a little weirdo as well!

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