Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scoop + Funny Searches Leading to this Blog

Pretty much the coolest thing about Kindergarten is having a Justin Beaver lunch box. 

And, mom giving up on the clothes war day 2.  She wore this size 18-24 month fur lined vest to school on Tuesday.

My single biggest challenge in life right now is dressing this child.  Blake flat out refuses to do it.  She insists on wearing everything that is "soft" and nothing that isn't.

Go for it.

And, knee socks.  She's obsessed with them.  Some of the neighborhood girls wear them and I think they're super cute.  So, she has plenty!

Mae Mae, look how perfectly they match the shirt you sent!

The boys' room is finally close to being done.  Still need to hang the valance and quilt, but for now, things are in place.

Hoping to sell his set this weekend.  

The boys love this set up.  Much more user friendly for video games.  

I love that they have some space to move around, too.

Had a funny conversation with the little ones today:

Lainey: Mom, I brought home my 2nd green pass!
Mom: That's great, Laine!
Jack: Yeah, dat is, Waine. Don't get da reds. Dose are totawy bad.
Mom: How do you know, Jack? You never brought home anything other than green.
Jack: Welw, I got 2 reds. And, some pinks.
Mom: WHAT? I never saw these.
Jack: Duh. I frew dem away.
I'm totally the dumb mom.

Finally, I've been paying closer attention to my blog traffic counter and have found some pretty funny searches that lead to the dorky Starnes family blog:

*Pretty beach girls - We're probably not what these guys are looking for.

*Brazilian beach girls - Even more disappointing, I'm sure.

*Johnny Knoxville tattoo - Huh?

*Panties he wore - WTH?

*Breast flasher - Seriously disappointed.

*Circus hippo formaldehyde - No idea.

Very entertaining.  Although, I have a feeling we're a major disappointment to many readers!

Almost through the first week of school. 

Back soon!


Kim said...

Those searches are hilarious! Can't believe your baby is in Kindergarten! She is adorable as ever and so was the conversation about the green slips! Have a fun weekend!

Pam Bowers said...

Oy, You're going to have some fun years ahead of you with those cute little kiddies of yours. Red passes indeed!

Nice searches. A little risque but heeeey! ;-)

Jo said...

I can top you on the dumb mom score. Back in June on the last day of school Cat told us that there was a glitch and so she and 4 other kids in her class didn't get their report cards.... ffw a couple of weeks to when I'm moving her room and sorting out all her old toys. What do I find? The report card at the bottom of a toy box ..... She passed the year but the end of year exams, now they are a whole different story. Guess who is going to be a super annoying overly involved mother this year!

Anonymous said...

I go through this battle everyday and Davony is only 3. I should probably just retreat now and let her get away with trying to wear a 12mo onsie to nap in. Because that's what happened yesterday. She totally had a fit. I mean the snaps only came up to her belly button and the kid slept like an angel. I'm just glad Mobile County demands uniforms, so at least I won't have this problem when she starts school. It is so easy dressing Nick. White or red polo's and navy shorts/pants. Its a breeze.

Mama Sue said...

Looks like your in for a fun year!

Sara said...

Ha! Loving the vest. Hilarious.

I asked Hudson the other day what color he was on and he replied - I can't tell you, Mommy. It's a secret.
I'm glad Jack's not around to give him any more pointers.

.Sass.Jane. said...

Love this post! Cracking up at Jackeroo. I've always loved how you've written his lisp and casually add it into adult conversation. No fanks!!
Could LC get any cuter?? Love her outfits- keep posting those.

Brittny said...

What the heck?? Those people have issues. And not the kind you need to add to your crazy life. Do the boys share a room? I bet it feels really good to change it up. I can't wait to do that when we move. Of course I won't have access to buy anything new for the house, but I'm going to be ok with that. And finally, WHY are you still hanging on to 18-24 month clothes?!?!?!?! We all know that man isn't going to let you have anymore kids!!!! Keep up the entertainment! I love it!!!

Dee Stephens said...

LC just wants to me comfy!!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! Jack is such a hoot! How did you keep a straight face?!

Carson and Kamree like soft clothes too -- sweats for him and leggings for her! I guess I can't really blame them because I would live in my PJs if I could!

Love the socks too!

Kristen said...

I LOVE that Jack threw away his reds. And I adore Laine's knee socks.