Monday, August 27, 2012


If you know us, you know how much we love to travel. While everyone else is working on back-to-school and fall ahead, my mind is already on planning winter vacations for us. Lots more to come on that.
For now, this makes me so happy. Couldn't agree more.

Lainey's birthday is coming up.  Our youngest will soon be 5. 
I miss the baby years.  So, so much.  But, I'm excited to start reaping the benefits of "older kids".  Everyone is potty trained, kids can dress themselves, less work to do on our part.  Who knows?  I might even give up my double stroller soon enough.
Not yet!  I only use it for Disneyland now.  We don't even travel with it.  Feels weird not clipping people's heals and running down old ladies in the airport. 
I still have my Ergo.  I put the Davidges' youngest in it as often as possible.  Blake says I can't use it with our kids anymore. 
Anyhoo.......with Lainey's birthday comes a big milestone. 
Ears pierced! 
We've waited until she asked for earrings......and she's asking now!  She wants them, "Just like Tessie Mayes has." 
Our neighbor, Miss Daryl, wants to take her.  It will be a big day for all of us! 
We're also planning a Halloween Birthday party.  I love having 2 fall birthdays.  I can swindle Lainey into a Halloween themed party now that Carter is too cool for such events.
That will postpone her party until October.  Before that, we will take a short trip up to Disneyland to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  Best birthday gift ever.
Finally, I have been in a major cooking slump lately.
Trying to pull myself out of it. 
Made Salisbury steak and potatoes last night.  The cheater version....where you mix stuffing into the meat and prepare with jar gravy.
It was good, though!  Don't think I've had Salisbury steak since school lunch in middle school.
Blake is a big fan of the school lunch.  If only I could figure out how to make that rectangle pizza he's so fond of.
Last night at dinner, we discussed earthquake readiness with the kids.

Most of my earthquake knowledge comes from the movie, Knocked Up.  From it, I knew to go outside.  Blake explained why.

Seems that we had a rare seismic swarm east of San Diego yesterday that caused many quakes.
Felt 2 small ones yesterday.  Nothing exciting, but it was our first since moving here nearly 2 years ago.  The bed started swaying back and forth.  At first I thought it was a ghost.  Need to turn off Ghost Adventures more often.  That Zak dude is starting to infiltrate my brain.
Off to work.  Later!


Dee Stephens said...

A Fall birthday party will be tons of fun! I heart Fall!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh man, I don't miss earthquakes one bit! I remember my first one at work, it felt like the whole building was tilting back and forth. It was such a weird feeling!

I can't believe L is going to be 5! Time flies!

Katherine said...

Casey, life has been bittersweet lately with my last baby going off to school all day but I had an epiphany on Friday: we were at a swimming birthday party for 2 of Emily's classmates and I realized for the first time ever, I could just hang out, drink beer and chat with the other moms. I didn't have to chase after a toddler or mess with an infant. And it was great! I have decided that I am embracing not having a baby anymore!

Jodee said...

Will you pretty please adopt me?! You guys have soooo much fun and I love to travel too!

No, seriously, I am drooling over a Halloween birthday party! That will be a blast!

starnes family said...

Yes, Jodee! Come on over!

Malinda said...

I remember the rectangle pizzas from schoool! I always thought it was weird that they had meat shaped in perfect little pellets. I wonder if they still serve rectangle pizzas.

Jo said...

What do you know our Cat is turning 10 next week and we are also taking her to have her ears pierced.

Unfortunately we are not having a Halloween party so you'll have to invite me to come round for that.

Vincent Family said...

A Fall birthday party would be so much fun!

Ears pierced? So excited for you/her! We've also waited until Paisley asked and we are still waiting. Can't wait to see pics of the new earrings.

The Lenzers said...

can't believe the baby is gonna be 5....weren't we just pre go???

Kristen said...

I cannot believe Lainey is going to be 5. I still remember the first time I stumbled across your blog... Lainey was so little. Glad I found you.
Veyr excited to hear about your winter vacation plans. Wisconsin is super fun... just saying :)

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