Sunday, December 09, 2012

Day 2!
Loving New York.
Moving here. 
Did I tell you that?
OK, we are not.  But, I would.
I totally would.

It was an overcast day that made for less crowds, but hazy views.  Still saw what we wanted to, though!
This is the best I got with the punks and the Statue of Liberty.
Nice, huh?  Shut up.

The way back. Carter obviously is not good with the elbow move.  Knock that dude out.

Thanks, Laine, for the participation.

Walked through China Town and Little Italy.
No fanks.
Don't care to be haggled and it's all a bunch of crap.
Except, of course, for the $35 battery charger I bought for my camera.  I'm confident that was right on par with regular retail.

Statue of Liberty!

Soho. Finally. 

Some civilization.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Here's a hint, tourists.  Skip the cabs.  We've paid the same amount (less even at times after some respectful negotiating) for a town car to take us to the same place in much better accommodations.
There's an app you can put on your phone to find such, but we have done well happening upon them.
Thank you, Amanda, for telling me about this.  :)
The Plaza, baby!
It was all I wanted it to be and 100% more.

LOVE this dress. 
For Laine.
  Or me, whatever.  Dying for it. 
But, this, in addition to tea, would be pricey, so I declined.
I so hate being reasonable.
It was $98.

The original Eloise and the newest version!

Palm Court.

Here is where it gets good.
And, you may tell me that this happens to all little girls. 
Or don't.
We were seated at "Eloise's favorite table".
Eloise also insisted on a pink napkin. Always.
I stole it, btw.

Our waiter told us that Eloise herself sent over cookies for Laine.

Laine, of course, with her own tea pot and choice of tea, drank 2 cups.

The food was divine.  I'm not sure I can eat anywhere else.

The Plaza was amazing.
While there, the boys kept busy at Apple and other boy-ish type establishments.

Apple Nerd Mecca.
Don't be offended. We own more Apple items than most.  I still like to make fun. 

A must:  FAO.
Fabulous.  Yes.  But, when you're in NYC, a toy store is a toy store.
Is that terrible?

I saw it.  No time to go in.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here's the thing about NYC.
You see stuff that you know you should be familiar with or take a picture in front of.
Exhibit Y: 

Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!  Radio City Music Hall.......  We'll be there tomorrow for the Christmas Spectacular.
Cannot wait.
Blake saw it as a kid. 

One of my favorite NYC icons.......the angels in front of the tree.
They make me happy.

Long list tomorrow, folks.
Stay tuned!


Jo said...

Did you remember to keep your pinky up while drinking tea?

Sarah said...

tea at the plaze, just the two of you? Cutest idea ever.

p.s. I'm confident Eloise would approve of your "borrowing" of the napkin.

Dee Stephens said...

It's all perfect! But my favorite is the Plaza! Can't wait to take our little one there in a few years!

Amanda B said...

You are cramming it in! Well done! So glad you got to see Radio City.

The Lenzers said...

loving your trip to NYC!!!! I'm living thru you since my other half doesn't like to travel with kids to often