Saturday, December 01, 2012

Mom's Little Secrets

I'm busy with the holiday season and it's only December 1!
Our traditional color-each-day Advent Calendar will be uploaded shortly.
I'm also posting special deals from Amazon, Target and more on my facebook business page, HERE.
Lots of good discounts.  "Like" me to follow along!  If not, it's a public page, so you can check in with or without a Facebook account to stay in touch.
Subway art is in the works......prices go up for my image fee in if you want a creation, order soon!  A custom image is currently $20.  Next year, they'll be $30.  Depending on rates, I can usually design, print and ship an 11x14 canvas for $90.
Hope you're enjoying the holiday season thus far. 
Stay tuned for more!