Monday, December 24, 2012

Disneyland Christmas

Beattys were home with a sick baby, so we enjoyed Disneyland with the Davidge family. 7 kids and 3 parents. Blake took the night off to work on Christmas presents. It was wild, chaotic, unpredictable fun! The park was nearly at capacity. We headed to the back of the park and rode lots more than I was expecting.

Lainey and Ainsley.  She was a bitty baby when we reunited with the Davidges.  My, how time flies.

Sword in the stone!

Haunted Mansion!  Even Ainsley had fun.

The crew!

No lines for Splash Mountain.  And, you don't even get wet!  Love it.

Kooky, crazy Disney fun inside.  It's like the Six Flags of Texas Log Ride on steroids.  With animatronics!

Honeybears on Whinnie the Pooh!
Who doesn't want to take 6 kids on a ride alone?

Not even out of the parking lot and all 3 of my punks were asleep.

Merry Christmas to all, friends and family! 
Back soon with a recap of our fun holiday ahead.  Lots of surprises in store!


Lauren W said...

Merry Christmas, Casey! Question- do the rides ever get old? I mean, I can't imagine that it would, but was wondering. Do you have to drag Carter or does he go willingly? Miss you!

starnes family said...

We mix the rides up each time. And we add several different layers to our trips. Scavenger hunts, hidden mickeys, and behind-the-scenes trivia. Lots of books give using ideas on how to keep the magic alive. Carter still loves it. Just insists on being a punk teenager in pics. Delightful. We haven't tired of it yet!!!!!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Merry Christmas!