Thursday, December 13, 2012

NYC Day 4

Last post! 

Tearing up a bit because it's over.  I want to go again.

Every year. 

Here was our view each night.  I insisted we sleep with the shades open to wake with the sun and see the Empire State Building glow in the dark.  Not a bad view from the 21st floor.


Our elf popped up here and there.  Tricky guy.

Empire State Building was up first on this last day.


The elf on top of the Empire State Building?

It was a Christmas miracle.

Kids were delighted.

I love this city.

Quick peak at the Flatiron Building.

Subway riders.

Losing their minds a bit.

World Trade Center.

I teared up just approaching the area.  It was too much.

We explained what happened - in the most simple and delicate terms - to Jack and Lainey.  Carter already knew, of course.

He was less than a year old when it happened. I'll never forget holding him that night, in our tiny apartment, waiting for Blake to get home to see what would unfold.  Newly married, with a new baby and the world was at war.  Such a scary time.

En route to Grand Central, we had some impromptu drummers on the Subway.  So cool.

Jack ran like mad.  Reminded us so much of Kansas City.

Cheers at Two Boots to a great vacation.

My little New Yorkers hailing a cab.

I could so live here.

When we moved to Denver eons ago, I nearly convinced Blake to buy a condo downtown to try city life.  He wouldn't budge.  Off to suburbia instead.

Flights home were long and exhausting.  As was work today.  I much prefer vacation.

I loved this trip.  It might be my favorite ever.

From the moment our kids learned we were going....and jumping off the couch to hug hearing the pilot wish "the Starnes children a very Merry Christmas" on our first seeing Laine stand on the Burger King high chair and mimic the Statue of Liberty........tea at The Plaza........walking through Central falling asleep with the view of the Empire State Building glowing blue outside our window.

It was pure magic.  I loved every minute.  I love our little family and all our adventures.

And, I love that Jack pays full attention to every detailed instruction during each flight's preparation speech.


Next up? Christmas preparedness! Shipping gifts out in two days after final wrapping tomorrow night. Disneyland for another holiday celebration with friends is in the works. Cards and more cards to send out. I have a list a mile long! Good thing we have so many elves around here to help. 

Thanks for sharing NYC 2012 with us.  

It was all I was hoping and more!


Jo said...

I loved seeing your photos and how much the kids (and you) enjoyed it. What's not to love, it's NYC!!

Jodee said...

Wow! What an amazing trip for your family! Thanks for taking us along!

We should compare our "to do" lists! I am soooo behind this year!

Unknown said...

Welcome Home! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Unknown said...

Welcome Home! YOu did it up right. Loved all the postings...and did I spy a new Matilda Jane on Laine?

donatelli98 said...

Glad you had a great time - I was just over the river from y'all in NJ this week - heading home tonight.

Shannon said...

Wow, I loved these posts. You captured my own feelings about NYC (my fave city I've ever visited and I've been to a few pretty cool ones). Never been with our family though. Maybe next year.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What an awesome trip you planned for your family! Viewing your photos reminded me of when I used to visit New York for work. Nothing compares to New York at Christmas time though!

Lauren W said...

Love, love, love. I miss my "2nd home" so much. Of course, I lived in Brooklyn. I notice you didn't take any touristy shots there. Ha! The city is great if you stay in the right places.

Wiz said...

I have loved reading your updates!! Looks like a fantastic vacation. How was the weather?? Im not sure I could survive the cold. I'm such a weenie!

Dee Stephens said...

Catching up. Just read today's post and this one.
So great! I can't wait to take Shelby to NYC. It will be a girl's trip though b/c Brad has no desire to even visit NYC even though he's never been.
BTW - your kids have grown so much! That Christmas post warms my heart :)

starnes family said...

The weather was great! A little misty a couple of days, but overall, not too cold.

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