Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer Kick Off!

A few final pics from Kindergarten graduation:

Singing kids.  I cried.  I distinctly remember my mom crying during a performance of mine when we sang "Turn on Your Heart Light" from the ET movie.  Maybe 2nd grade.  She was crying and I was so confused.  

Now I get it.  Nothing sweeter than children singing.  

They sang a few songs.....but my favorite was "This Land is Made for You and Me."

With obviously over-the-camera Meow.  

Breaking news:  Meow is not attending Lainey's school next year.  We will mourn this for months.  Luckily, they'll reunite for middle school.

So, after school was officially out for all 3 kids........

We started summer with a visit to Disneyland!

But, not before the kids received some treats to get the fun started.

New water bottles for the season.

(I am very much against buying water bottles only to dispose of them after one solution:)

Kelly, I bought these with my Etsy gift card.  Thank you!

Treat bags for Disneyland......junk food....always on a budget!
The fam.

Sometimes mom gets it right.  Here is Lainey admitting I am and requesting the sneakers I packed just in case the furry toed kitten heals didn't prove to be as park-friendly as she planned.

Know how people say to "go to your happy place" in your mind?  When getting a shot or you're enduring a difficult time?

This is mine:

Because of smiles like this:

Love riding big rides with the whole fam.  3 Starnes kids on the Matterhorn.  We scream the whole way through due to the lurking Yetis.

Our dainty daughter.

I always forget how much I love this ride until we go again.....

It's 9am and 2 kids are still asleep.

I like the start of this summer already!


Dee Stephens said...

That picture of Lainey with the chicken leg needs to be submitted to a contest!
And, does Jack always get the sourdough Mickey pretzel?
Where did you get their water bottles? You're such a GREAT Mom! :)

Unknown said...

Hold up, sister. I did NOT see that ice cream my last visit. Oh, and will you mention how delicious Disney smells? The whole place smells like fancy sweet candy.

Love, the cups. I was thinking, "hmm, I wonder where she got those?"

Summer rocks!

Jodee said...

Your summer is certainly off to a great start! You are going to have sooo much fun!

Love, love, love the water bottles!

Kristen said...

Love catching up with you... I was just fantasizing the other day that I could somehow not work in the summer and spend more time with Quinney. Makes me sad I get just a few hours a night with her... Sigh.
Also, I have decided I will start saving now for a Disney trip for her. I figure $15 a month will get us close to being able to go when she's 7... which I think is a good age because she'll really remember it. And I doubt we'll go more than once. I am already excited about the thought of it...
Happy summer!

starnes family said...

We actually have not bought a sourdough Mickey in a long time....and that was Carter holding it! Ice Cream was from California Adventure. Cups from Etsy: