Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Wave!

We traded Imperial Beach for a day at the water park on Wednesday.

Sun was out and the water was perfect!

The Wave is a small water park in Vista, CA.  Close to home and reasonably priced.

We LOVE big parks, but this one works nicely for us because all three kids can ride everything.  

It's located near lots of restaurants, a cupcakery, a movie theatre and more.  Just a few miles from our house.  Perfect!

Groupon has 1/2 price tickets right now.  3 kids and I all got in for $33.  The website said that no food could be brought in, but bags were not checked and I saw plenty of people snacking on their own food.  

Laine loved the splash park.

We arrived early and set up near the lazy river.  I could see every ride in the park and we were close to the bathrooms and snack bar.

Boys both played on the surfing simulator.  Sweet Laine waited in line 3 times, but chickened out.  Fine by me......I was intimidated by it!

Look at my big kids.  :)

Such a fun summer day.

This was our first visit to The Wave and I was totally impressed.  Life guards were super attentive.  Everything was clean and well taken care of.  Recommend!

It's nearly 6pm and I'm ready for bed. 

Waterparkin' is hard work!