Wednesday, June 26, 2013

West Coast Travel Report - Imperial Beach

We traveled (not all the far) to the southwesterly most city in the continental United States.  Left at 10:00am and drove south on the 5 to......

Well, first we visited Coronado Island.  I worked for a bit and the kids bowled with my boss's kids.

Best.  Job.  Ever.

Toured the island, saw the aircraft carriers and the new ship docked......helicopters, etc, etc.  Military life is so cool.

Then, we cruised past the Del Coronado Hotel and headed down the strand to Imperial Beach.  It hasn't been known for much over the years.....but has recently gotten a lot of improvements, including a plaza at the pier and some parks.  We enjoyed it all!

From the pier, you can see downtown San Diego and the Coronado Bridge.

We went to the very end of the pier and figured we were the most southwesterly people in the U.S.  

I so love this kind of dorky stuff.

There's Mexico!  From the pier, you can see into the country.  Lots of helicopters watching the border, I assume.

Starnes kids are sure whales and sharks are helping, too.

Back at the pier plaza, we had ice cream at Cowabunga.  Voted the top creamery in San Diego.

Time for the water.  Took a couple of shots under the pier.....not a safe place to play usually.

There's our 3.

This big jelly fish washed up on shore.  Hopefully he made it back home later on.  We were told several years ago not to touch these guys......that if the tide carries them back to the ocean, they can survive.  

Sand dollar!

Dead baby (seagull?) (pelican?) birdy.  :(

Lots of critters and shells on this beach.  Not typical of north county beaches, where we live.

Our awesome oldest.  


Jack stopped abruptly on our walk to examine this oddity.

"A mail box?  I neber seen one of dese in real life!"

Obviously, I need to get this kid out more.

Here is Dunes Park, just north of the pier.

Best purchase in a very long time.  We take these everywhere!

What's a park without a reptile?

Meet James Bond, the friendly iguana who strolled up while we were at the park.

Completely normal for SoCal.

5 miles north of downtown Tijuana.  26,000 residents.  Cool little town.

Friends arrive later this week in from Sacramento!  Can't wait.

Back soon with a post on traveling on a budget.  



Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Another great summer adventure! Love the treasure photo!

Dee Stephens said...

So fun! The dead bird? :( ugh.. I don't think I could have even taken a photo. Kinda gross and sad. Lainey is getting so tall. She almost looks taller than Jack? We need to come visit next year. Then baby Magnolia Beau and Shelbs can hang out with your chillins.

Unknown said...

WTH? I would have head for the hills at the sight of the dead bird....and THEN James Bond?! Vomit. I just lost my appetite for Cow a Bunga. Cool trip. My friend lived in IB and they had an awesome house with a yard. If our kids were older it would be perfect because of it's proximity to Coronado.

Unknown said...

Yes! Dee! Bring baby Shelby!

Monica said...

Jack and the mailbox! LOL! AWESOME.

starnes family said...

What? Jack wants a poster printed of the dead bird. That's normal, right?

Jodee said...

Holy cow! I am starting to become the most jealous mom in Blogland! I am just a tad bit jealous of all of your beach adventures since we don't have a beach in sight! I can't wait to visit!

Sara said...

What a great beach! Of course, I think almost every beach is great. :)

I agree with Dee - Lainey is getting so tall!

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