Tuesday, June 11, 2013

West Coast Travel Report - Ocean Beach, California

This is totally the kind of day that I love.  New city, new sites to see...snacks and water packed...small budget for lunch.....and nothing but time.

Ocean Beach, California is a small beach community that "time forgot".  It's San Diego's answer to Haight & Ashbury.....lots of hippies and all sorts of kooky stuff.  We were in heaven!

We started by walking out on this pier.

There's a little cafe and tackle shop mid-way.

You can rent a fishing pole for $16.99 and fish license-free from the pier.  

Finished up there and walked the beach a bit.

Time for lunch!  While waiting at Hodad's, the kids walked to this candy store.

We couldn't pass up chocolate covered bacon.

Hodad's was super fun.  Made (more) famous by Guy on the Food Network......it did not disappoint.

Link HERE.

Laine and I shared a small cheeseburger.  Jack had chicken strips.  Carter braved the double with bacon.  He nearly finished it!

Both burgers and fries, chicken strips and a chocolate milkshake ran us $30.11 total, including tip.  Pretty impressive.

Time to walk the town a bit.

This Wonderland's is a pub.  The original Wonderland was an amusement park built almost 100 years ago......and opened July 4, 1913.  Sadly, a terrible storm swept it away a year later.  :(

Beach time.

Littles dug for crabs while Carter and I hung out.  New beach bag!  Another Etsy find, Kel, bought with your gift card!

Pruny hands.......with a baby crab.

And, then we finally got to explore the tide pools.  One of my favorite parts of life in California.

These guys are not fans of the Starnes children.

 Love seeing all the critters in their natural habitat.

These critters, too.

Sweet big brother!

We had a blast.  And, now we're considering OB for Fourth of July.  Rumor has it you can watch fireworks from the pier and then join in on a marshmallow fight on the beach afterwards.

Caroline, sounds right for us!


Jodee said...

Oh my word! You guys have sooo much fun! What a fabulous spot! Will you pretty please adopt us?!

starnes family said...

Yes, Jodee!

Jo said...

Serioulsy, if my kids weren't still in school I would so be posting them over to you!

chocolate covered bacon! crazy!

Dee Stephens said...

So fun!! Charming little town. That burger is ginormous! Sounds like a great place for the 4th!! BTW - wasn't the water cold?? BRRR

starnes family said...

Dee, the water is ALWAYS cold. That is why you see me on the beach and not in the water. :)

Anonymous said...

No gummy eggs?!?!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Your family goes on the best adventures! My kids would be in heaven with adventures like that.

Unknown said...

Love the beach bag and you look super cute in leggings. Feel free to censor but that bacon looked like a chocolate covered wiener.

starnes family said...

Nice, Kelly!

Monica said...

These are GREAT pics!

Unknown said...

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