Sunday, February 18, 2007

It All Makes Perfect Sense

Since Blake and I never do anything normally, it makes all the sense in the world that we would relocate to Colorado during a record year for snowfall. And, I do not mean that we got a lot of snow. What I mean is that on Sunday, Denver achieved the 60th day in a row to have at least 1 inch of snow on the ground, thus breaking the record set in 1914. The all-time record is 63 days in a row of snow on the ground, which we stand to beat on Wednesday of this week. So, stay tuned! We'll surely lose our minds by then!!!!

We really are starting to feel the affects of this long winter. By the end of February, we're usually thinking about what Spring flowers we're going to plant. There is little to no chance of another freeze at this time in Texas and snowfall is not even a consideration. I tell all of this to my good friend, Tracy, and she reminds me that March and April are the "snowiest" months in this area. NICE! At least there are milder temperatures in between the blizzards at that time.

So, we'll keep focusing on surviving the next 9 weeks or so and Spring should land sometime in early May and we may regain sanity by then. If you have the time, say a quick prayer that the groundhog may have gotten it right this year. That's our only hope at this point.

For more info on our record year, click on this link.

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Anonymous said...

Close to 70 here today!