Wednesday, February 21, 2007


To combat the long winter, Carter and I are doing stuff around the house to bring more spring time in. Everyone told us February is a tough's the 4th full month of snow and it starts to wear on you.

We're feeling it! Luckily, we've had some pretty weather days and have been able to get outside....but, snow is in the forecast for never ends!

Optimism or denial?

One day!

We were in the high 40's yesterday, which sounds cold, but it's really not here as long as the sun is out. 40 here can feel like 60 in Dallas. Carter got outside with some sidewalk chalk to decorate the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I bet the neighbors absolutely love you texans!! I love the spring decorations in the snow!!

I wish you guys were here in TX...I am on my laptop working outside on the is almost 80 here!!! BUT, once that snow melts in CO I will be so jealous of the beautiful weather that is there.

starnes family said...

Yeah, I was just telling another Texas friend....after she commented on your gorgeous weather there just wait!!! It will be 105 with 99% humidity there and we will have 80 degree days and cooler nights this summer. I have heard there are nothing like Colorado summers.

It's a trade off....we both have it good. It just comes at different times!