Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trysten's New Love

While in town, Trysten spent most of his visit chasing Batman around the house. He consistently asked me or Blake or Carter or anyone listening, "Can you please get Batman for me?"

At one point he requested we call her a girl (because his dog at home is a girl, I suppose) and we took to calling the kitty Batgirl temporarily. Finally, on the last day, in what seemed to be a parting gift for Trysten, Batgirl held still long enough for him to hold her. And, then, Trysten tried to convince Britney to pack her up to take her to Texas.


Anonymous said...

Tell Trysten I've got two slugs for sale! In fact, he can have them for free!!!

Is his birthday coming up????

starnes family said...

Nope, he just had one! Maybe a belated gift? I'll ask Britney. I think I know the answer, though.

Anonymous said...

I was going through your old blogs the other day, and lil Batman is getting big!!

oh....and tell Britney to avoid Caroline's cats at all cost!! Josey has a thing for lying around and biting people...and Ace....well...Ace is "special"!