Friday, February 09, 2007

Sweet Boy In The Morning

While Carter is at school each day, Jack and I find all sorts of things to do around the house to keep busy. This morning, we sat in the sun by the back door for a bit. Batman found us and joined in.

Looking outside.

Snorty pig.

Trying to walk everywhere.

He catches a glimpse of Elmo here and is mesmerized.

Love that fuzzy head of his.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love sun through a fuzzy head of hair!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed on your Colorado weather says its 44....its colder here in Texas than there...its 42 but feels like 37!!! CRAZY!

starnes family said...

That's crazy! And, 44 here feels like about 60 in Dallas. We had our back door open around lunch time to let fresh air in. Really not that cold in the sun!