Friday, May 28, 2010

Anniversary Dinner - For 5?

Yep. And, one was picking his nose.

Although a romantic night out sounded nice, we didn't mind the company. Especially when they're as cute as these three.

And, funny. Lord, do they make us laugh.

I got a phat diamond as my gift.

And, the kids got a t-ball stand! Share and share alike.

I don't know, people. He's just weird. And, he insisted on batting each time from on top of the picnic table. I can't make this stuff up.

We do love this little goof ball.

This one, too.

Ready stance!

And, time to relax. Go ahead and take a break, Laine.

It's by no means close to a normal game, but we have fun.

Lainey got a pink glove for our 10 year anniversary. Don't worry. I'm as confused as you are about the gifts.

Lainey's dancing has taken on an even wackier dimension. I tried to capture a few distinct moves....

Think "Elaine" and the thumbs.

There he is. My husband of 10 years and 3 days. Not here. Here, he was my husband of 10 years. I've been updating him daily. And, he's loving it.


"Am I hired yet?" Keep on keepin' on, babe.

**The pool opens this weekend and so the little punks will freeze their booties off in the water since it just started getting warm. I'm sure that won't stop them.

**I saw Sex and the City 2 last night. Here's my quick review: The girls were fabulous. The clothes were unbelievable. The plot was completely outrageous. I enjoyed it because I love the series so much, but I agree with the critics.....the plot was just so ridiculous. Don't let it stop you from seeing it. It was fun!


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures (and the hilarious comments you provided!)!! It looks like a PERFECT anniversary to me (nose-picking aside!!).

Funny, I think that's exactly how I dance, too!!

The Rand's said...

Carter looks like a giant standing next to Jack and Laine. All 3 of them are precious. Miss seeing them!
Sounds like a great anniversary dinner. Ours will probably be similar! Hoping we can get a night out alone soon, though.
Enjoy your weekend!

Sara said...

First of all - the rock is fabulous! :)

Secondly - that pic of Jack, LC and Carter where Jack is cracking up is precious! And so is the picture of Carter and LC.

Your punks are pure entertainment. And they've completely won over my heart. Love your family!

Dee Stephens said...

cute pix! Can't wait to see SATC 2! Not until after our honeymoon :)

merrilee said...

Love the pic of you and Blake. Dying to see SATC....need to go with great girlfriends. Isn't all about the clothes anyway??

Unknown said...

Sounds like us--we're off tonight to the Keg...with kids in tow. Oh well!

Happy 10th-i still have a year or so....

ps-NICE rock!

The Luis Family said...

Holy cow that diamond is AWESOME!!! Way to go Blake!! He knows what a great gal he has!

Love the pictures of you sweet kiddos! You guys obvious had a great time. What a great looking family! Love the picture of you and Blake .... so sweet!

Happy 10 years and 3 days!

Yellow Beads said...

okay, first WOW that ring is beautiful. second, great photos, what a fun day. last, I have heard lots of bad thigns about the movie so will wait for DVD.

FROGGITY! said...

that is just wonderful!! i think anniversaries are that much more special with the little ones involved!!

loving the ring! blang blang!


Leiah said...

Good Gravy - you could tee up a softball on that big honking ring. Good for you sista!

I'm with you on the SATC. I liked it, even with the slow parts, but don't think they needed to go to Abu Dhabi. What about another trip to LA - that would have worked.

Fingers crossed on the job situation. Hell, you'll need some earrings to match that ring come Father's Day. Isn't that how the gift giving works in y'all's house? LOL!

Jodee said...

Looks like you had a great night! Cute pictures of the punks!

P.S. Is that ring real?! Holy cats! Our 10 year anniversary is next year. I know what I am asking for - a big 'ole upgrade!!!

The Howell's said...

are you going to be in montgomery with lauren? oh i dream of the day we finally meet.

oh wait, that post was about your family. they are so cute! every time i see their faces i crack up! so funny those people! you and your man are quite the cute couple too! 10 years and some days looks really good on you! keep it up!

: )

The Howell's said...

just realized i was signed in under my sister's name. that was me (brittny) that commented, not her. but she likes you guys too.

SASS said...

Little kicks!! Lainey's dance moves are killing me. Those faces! How can she be so glam and goofy at the same time? I need lessons.
Happy 10 years and 4 days today! I'm doing the same thing with "this is the first time I've ________ while being your stepmom"! It caught on too quickly and now I've created two monsters. I know Blake has these tendencies, just be careful.

Pam Bowers said...

It sounds like your anniversary was awesome. I'm glad you had fun including the kids. Check out that rock! It's huge! ((not jealous...nope!))

I love the feel of summer with kids. It reminds me of all the fun carefree summer days of my childhood. Hopefully, I'll have a kidlet at some point so I can have summer fun with him/her.

donatelli98 said...

Nice rock woman! I need to have Blake talke to Mr. ESPN when our anniversary rolls around ... kids are as cute and crazy as ever!

Kristen said...

I think an anniversary with your punks and a game of table-top tee ball sounds pretty much like heaven.

And I very much want to see SATC 2. Gotta find a time when my girls and I are all in the same city again!