Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Warm Weather Prep In The Starnes House - You Know It's Not Going To Be Simple

Living in a small house requires some creativity.

Living in a small house in a part of the country with 4 distinct seasons requires more creativity.

A healthy dose of OCD helps, too.

Our "seasonal closet" has been emptied and filled again. It used to look like this:

Jam packed with ski bibs, socks, winter hats and scarves.

Now, it looks like this:

Swim suits, beach towels, sunscreen, snorkel gear and sandals.

Don't forget the tutu suits. I believe I will make it a point from here on out to only buy swim suits for Lainey with an obnoxious details. I love them.

Jack has several suits to choose from this year. 2 cute Mini Bodens from Coco......some simple patterns from last year......and these, below. He refuses to wear the Hawaiian prints. Because they have hula girls Barbie dolls on them. Lord have mercy.

1 guess says he'll be wearing this one a lot. Except in California. It will be "accidentally" left out of my packing.

No more snow boots. Sandals and flip flops going forward. And, yes, I plan to clean off the shoe mat. It's still coated in ice-melt and dirt from the colder months. Don't judge.

A note to mothers of little girls......do not buy them flip flops for age 1. Dumb move.

Bubbles, bubble guns, sidewalk chalk = stocked. Just need to add glow necklaces and we're set!

So, why don't I just incorporate a lot of this into their own closets? Well, because they're minimal in this house. And, because this house has 4 floors and I don't want to have to do calisthenics in order to get kids dressed for the pool. It's nice to have it all in one place.

And, speaking of their closets, they got an overhaul, too. No more sweaters and few long sleeves left.

Love, love, love this cute dress my Aunt Donna sent me Lainey last week with Jack's birthday gifts. Can't wait to see this on the beach. Perfect for nighttime picnics.

The boys share a closet. Winter clothes folded on top. Summer hanging.

We planted flowers, too. What Lainey lacks in being helpful, she makes up for with being cute.

Blake planted basil seeds with the punks. We're got a big competition going on with them right now. Watching for growth daily.

Please pray we see at least one sprout.

The ugly bunny got a makeover, too. You love it, Merry Mack.

The pots are just beginning to grow. This is one part of summer I definitely enjoy.

And, there you have it! The OCD mommy's guide to summer prep.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to take my meds vitamins.


Carrie Darney said...

ha...time to take my meds...clever.

So organized! I have put our winter coats away, but still have teh basket of gloves, hats, scarves, etc.

Love the basil race!!

If the shoe FITZ said...

seriously...a whole closet for summer...sheesh! but good idea! so organized!!!

The Soladay Family said...

We have to do the seasonal move too as well as move one boy's clothes to the next one down..hand-me-downs. We're all about it here.

Love the basil race. can I copy? You know copying is most sincere form of flattery!

Our flowers are growing like crazy right now! Just.in.time.for.the.new.owners. Have to plant some more at the new place...wherever that ends up being!

Sara said...

Great idea on the seasonal closet! I'm impressed with you organizational skills.

I just did my closet this weekend, but still need to work on Hudson's asap. If not, Trey will have him dressed in a 6 month onesie before I know it!

Love the flower pots and even the ugly bunny makeover. Good job!

Kristen said...

Soooo awesome! I am glad to know that OCD moms can be fabulous... because I always fear that if I ever have kids I will somehow ruin them with my zealous obsession for all things labeled, and rubbermaid, and neatly organized piles. However, your kids have turned out splendily well so I am now at ease knowing that kiddos can survive an OCD parent :)
Soooo excited for the warmer weather to stay for good! There's something about open-toed shoes and short sleeves and a bit of Vitamin D that just makes me smile :)

Mama Sue said...

I'm way behind...it's supposed to be 90 this week and I still have sweatshirts in Sydney's closet!

Unknown said...

You are mad crazy organized! I am inspired.

Shannon said...

I don't do any of those things but it makes me happy that somebody is.

Love you, kisses! :)

starnes family said...

Allison, copy away! I love planting seedlings with the kids. Any sort of plant.....it's fun!

Becca Jane said...

You should come to my house and help me!!!! RIght now I have a million little projects going on...none of them are done, and they are making me insane!! I love the tutus. And the Thomas shorts.

About my faith...I'm always willing and ready to share what I know. What do you want to know more about? And I'm always interested in what other religions believe as well, so always feel free to express what you want on my blog anytime too!!

The Rand's said...

You OCD? I never knew that about you! Ha! Your summer closet looks great. Love LC's tutu suits.
I just changed out the girls winter clothes to summer. Yay! And got down all of H's clothes for G. Man, I don't think that child ever wore an outfit twice. G is all set. Poor H needs lots of new clothes!
Love the basil race. I might have to borrow that idea. H has a lima beans growing (You love those, don't you?!) and G has some grass growing in a cup from school. They love it!
Ok. Longest comment ever. I'll stop here.

Dee Stephens said...

We planted a bunch of herbs and flowers this last weekend too.
As for my closet....dread it.. allthe summer stuff is still in the other closet. Think I will keep it that way because I'm too lazy this year.

Hattie said...

Can you please come to my house and do our closets?!!! Great job. I love how you keep all the summer toys in a bin all in one place. Love all the pics too.

merrilee said...

Seriously, love the closet....it just inspired me to re-haul our closets and get more organized. Can't wait to see Lainey in that little green dress this summer. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE summer. Nothing better than flip flops everyday! Can't wait to see you--oh, and Carrie may be here then--yippee!

Coco said...

Love the summer! And OCD totally helps organization.

And it makes you paint shit you shouldn't.

We have all of our pools stuff already in pool bags and life jackets on hooks. One bag for the pool and one bag for the lake. So ocd. SOOOO OCD.

The potted plants are one of the best things ever. Love the idea of a basil race. I might have to do that.

Momma to the A's said...

All I have to say is...

It is 33 degrees outside and has been snowing like madness all day!

When do I get to change out closets??

FROGGITY! said...

okay. may need an organizational intervention...

haha, kidding. i only WISH i was this organized! good for you!

and sheesh, it is friggin hot down here. we're up to the high 80's today... that was the shortest spring ever...

loving that watermelon shirt! :)

Merry Mack said...

I am glad to see that the bunny got spruced up.

I think you might have inspired me. Too bad we have company coming all weekend or I would be working on the closets.

I also love the basil competition. Great idea!

I am way behind. I was 90 degrees today and too hot. Not one planter has been cleaned out or our seeds planted. Shame, shame.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Could you come north and do all of my kids' closets now and clean out the mud room? I have been putting off the seasonal transition because the weather here keeps going back and forth. Today it was 80, but tomorrow 60 with a chance of frost for Friday.

Becca Jane said...

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Becca Jane said...

PS...once again, sorry to overtake your blog comments with that massive one, haha!

donatelli98 said...

OCD is good. I went through the girls closets the other weekend and readied them for summer ... of course it was cold and rainy the following week - in the desert go figure! I am so annoyed i can't read your blog at work anymore. It is totally messing up my day! I think it is time to take my liquid meds as I have a 4 hour flight with my family tomorrow at 7 am!