Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Scoop

I'm all over the place today. Bear with me.

Carter recently saw just the face portion of this picture (in the new part of my Facebook profile) and said, "Mom, where was that picture taken of me?"

Obviously, he missed the braids. But, that is me. And, Caroline. Lord have mercy, Carter looks like a Clemens. Yes?

I love California. LOVE it. I recall several years ago, a friend saying, "I wake up each morning and thank God I live here. It's that good." I concur. This morning, I took Carter to school, drove down by the water to get coffee and paused a second to take in the Pacific Ocean. I never thought my life would take me here. So glad it did!

Our kids have not been sick since early Spring of 2010. We made it through 5 months of Cobra, a cross country relocation, acclimation to a new climate and 3 months of Preschool without a sniffle. I know it's coming. And, since I just wrote that down, Blake will be hysterically worried that I just jinxed us. If our kids get sick within the next 6 months, he will blame me. Since I stopped listening to him years ago, this really doesn't have a huge impact on me.

However, several people have asked me recently how our kids stay so healthy. While I'd like to pat myself on the back for feeding them fruits and veggies night and day, I cannot due to Jack's extreme pickiness and gastro issues. Instead, I'll attribute it to some simple, old school tactics:

*Carter sleeps 10.5+ hours each night. Jack and Lainey sleep 12.

*Each kids eats 1 vitamin a day. A generic version of the Flinstone variety.

*They drink a ton of milk.

*We stay active and keep busy.

I'm not saying it's the perfect formula, but it works for us.

I've started straightening my hair every day. I'm 36 years old and I just took this on. Turns out, it's not as painful as I thought. And, my arms didn't fall off.

Lainey received the motherload of shiny heals from Aunt Jody for Christmas. Can you tell she likes them?

I finally hung some art above our fireplace. I'm thinking of painting the scrolly-type wooden pieces a teal color. Thoughts? Still working on what will sit on the mantle.

I also hung my sweet birdy plates Aunt Donna gave me for my birthday. Love them!

This makes me happy. Jack and Lainey are playing so well these days. Yes, they still fight and would strangle each other at times if I allowed it. But, they're becoming good friends.

One of my favorite parts of our house and another reason I love California. Mid-January, doors open, fountain trickling and a view of the gazebo and mountains.


*We moved Jack to the back of the Suburban in order to prevent a likely surgery ahead. Carter was coming from the 3rd row and would plow through Jack or Lainey's legs, seated in the 2nd row captains' chairs, upon leaving the vehicle. Carter is now in the 2nd row, Jack is happy in the back and our guests will be, too, since they don't have to maneuver to the 3rd row now.

*The Bachelor is the best show on TV.

*Both of my wrists are scratched up via Batman trying to play with my hands while I type. Depending on who I report this to, it could be as believable as the returning the scale scenario.

*Pa is booking a villa near the beach for the kids during his stay next weekend. Super close to the water. They're going to have a blast!

*I'm loving my job. 10 hours a week, from home, doing what I enjoy. Happy.

*Les Miles is staying with LSU. That's 2 football related mentions in 2 weeks. How you like 'dem apples, Mae Mae?


Stacie said...

The picture of the ocean is gorgeous! It's nice when are kids can stay healthy and not be sick. You suggested the teal in the wood swirles I think that would add a nice accent. Love the bird plates too.

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Love the picture of you and Caroline! I can remember those days on Waterton?? Did I just make up that street name??

And of course I love the bird plates!! See my blog post today, I love all things "bird"!!

I also agree about the Bachelor, haven't had a chance to watch this weeks episode, but cannot wait! The way Brad talks reminds me of Jake...barf, but I still love the show!

Dee Stephens said...

YAY on Les! I was worried!Yay for an SEC win Monday night too! woot woot!
Loving the old picture and your straight hair. What are you doing for work?

Sara said...

Loving your hair!! I have to straighten my everyday too. If not, I have a fro. Definitely.

Coffee and a view of the beach sounds so awesome. Maybe we should pick up and move to CA too. If I mention that to Trey, he'd have the house packed up by the time I got home from work.

I'm glad that you're happy with the job. We haven't talked in forever - need to call and catch up! And I have something I want to talk to you about too. Like how I did that?? Suspense. Gotta love it.

Pam Bowers said...

That's great that the kids are getting along better.

I see Carter in you but I also see Lainey in your sister.

donatelli98 said...

Welcome to the world of hair straightening Casey - let me warn you it is addicting!! It looks good on you ... love that your life is going so well!!Must be really good crack out there in Cali!

Shannon said...

Good Lord, there's very little I can relate to in this post. Let's break it down.

OK, this has nothing to do with what I can't relate to but Carter looks just like you and Jack looks just like Caroline. Thems some strong genes.

OK, the stuff I can't relate to:
- the ocean. Wowza, what a view.
- my kid who is about your kid's age does sleep 10 hours....ish. Daughter sleeps like 5 or 6. Just like me. Very little milk for them (I think it makes them more sick to drink it - often true of asthmatics/allergy sufferers), and we stay busy on the computer which is not quite the same type of busy. Oh, and I got a note from the school that my Blake has had "excessive absences" this school year due to sickness. Damnit. (In fairness, he had perfect attendance the year before).
- the hair straightening. I do think it's cute but I'm all about embracing the natural texture of hair. We have VERY similar hair and I take 20 minutes to get ready and people think I have fab hair. Aveda shampoo and conditioner and then a couple of Aveda products on wet hair, 5 minutes of blow drying, let it air dry the rest of the way and I'm done. You could maintain your low maintenance thing and do that routine if you embraced the waves.
- seeing women compete for a man's attention is not entertaining, it's sad. Gloria Steinem would roll in her grave....except she's not dead.

Happy for you about the job and thanks for the update on the new car seating arrangement.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you live in Cali!! I've always thought I'd move there and never leave. Congrats on keeping the family healthy :)

Summer Athena said...

he missed the braids! hahaah! too funny.

love the plates. how did you hang them?

ps - we will be movin to cali maybe by aug/sept. NoCal

Hattie said...

Wow Carter looks just like you!!! I so need to get my punks to start taking vitamins!!! Plus another thing that keeps are kids well is that they aren't daycare kids!!! Love the ocean pic, so peaceful!!!

starnes family said...

Shannon - I compete for Blake's attention everyday. Didn't get that memo.


The Soladay Family said...

1. Love the hair.

2. Jealous of you outdoor living.

3. Paint it teal and then put a little raw umber glaze on it.

4. LOVE the bird plates.

merrilee said...

Oh, where to begin. First, your hair looks great--welcome to the oh, so wonderful world of straightening! Paint the scrolly things teal--would look great. Yes, totally agree that living in California is AWESOME....where else can you wear flip flops in January? Thanks for listening to me today--I SO appreciate it!

starnes family said...

Linds - Yes! Waterton.

k said...

I loooved this random post! And..I"m jealous of your ocean.

The Lenzers said...

OMG, I would not recognize you. I know it has been 5 years since I have seen you, but you look totally different with straight hair! And I have only seen 1 picture of it cut short. Those tins would be super cute painted. You certainly could never not claim C, he is yours for sho! We are pretty healthy too, it's the sleep! What a way to start your day, if I could afford to live there I would (except for it is way too far from my folks-god i never thought i would say that). forgot to tell you the other day-congrats on getting rid of the diapaer bag in 2010. that is BIG! I have plans for that in 2012 sometime. oh, and did I miss the job deets somewhere?

timmonstimes said...

Good post...pregnancy brain has me lost on my comments and I had a few:) Good night! Guess I need some rest!

Jodee said...

Hooray for healthy kids. Our kids haven't been sick for months either. We also get lots of sleep here and go through 3-4 gallons of milk/week and I don't drink it! We need a cow in our backyard for Carson alone!

So glad things are going great in CA! The picture is breathtaking!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Carter looks just like you in that photo! Can't believe he didn't spot the braids! That view is beautiful and makes me want to go south for vacation. The high today here was 2 degrees.

Allyson and Dave said...

Maybe Batman just wants to help you blog.

Kristen said...

The look on Lainey's face with her sparkley shoes... oh how fabulous. She just makes me happen.
And holy hell yes does Carter look like you!!!! Wowsa!!!
Okay, so Milwaukee didn't have the Pacific Ocean, but we had Lake Michigan... and so many other things. And that is really how I felt every morning I woke up there. God, how did I get so lucky as to get to wake up here every day? I miss it so much.

The Rand's said...

Carter looks just like you!

Your hair looks good straight. I've used my chi more lately than ever. Why? Bangs. For some reason they always want to curl up.

Your view is amazing!

Brittny said...

SOPHIE GOT THE SAME SHINY HEELS FOR CHRISTMAS TOO!!!!!! She flipped out, put them on immediately, walked over to show her Mimi (who gave them to her), walked back and said, "These heels hurt my feet." Too which Mimi and I burst into laughter and said, "Well, get used to it sister!"

I love what you wake up to see in the morning. And that your door can be open. Do you know that it was 30 degrees in my car this morning? Before driving, which always drops the temperature. My bathroom was between 45-50 degrees this morning. (No vent means no heat, but they installed one you can turn on. First degree mark is 45 and that when it turned on as I rotated the knob.) Did you know that it is cold enough to snow here, but we are the ONLY state in our country that does not have snow right now? Welcome to Florida, right?

Did you ever tell us what your job was and I missed it?

Do I just need to email you or is it ok that my comments are as long as some of your posts are?

I love, love, love the old pic and that Carter looks like you. My older brother and my mom's pics from when she was a kid were the same way. Makes my heart happy. : )

Way to go on staying healthy too! We were doing pretty good until Sophie horrible congestion turned ear infection after Christmas. HORRIBLE I tell you!!!

I'm done now.

Brittny said...

totally forgot something....

where did you find laney's bedding? i'm already looking for sophie because i want to get that girl a REAL big girl bed when we move. i only know of a few places to look and want to find out more. hopefully you can help. PBK, Land of Nod, Target, Company Kids, need to branch out.

I was going to say something else, but I can't remember. I think it had to do with football (just went back to some old posts and saw I missed the one about the game) and how I had to brush up on my skills, but then I ended up watching the BIGGER game alone so I didn't bother. I'm torn because my best friends are HUGE A&M fans, but I love you too. I'm still not going to talk to either of you about that game. I can't. But I will say....


starnes family said...

Summer - simple wire plate hangers.

Allyson - yes! He does want to help.

Brittny - you're a crackhead. But, I like it.

Coco said...

Again....when are y'all going to tell Jack that he is adopted?

Malinda said...

Not only does Carter look just like you, Jack looks just like Caroline when she was little.

What kind of work are you doing from home?

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