Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Question Of The Week - Shopping

I used to view it as a sport. Suburban life often brings people to the mall, often without a need or focus. Caroline and I spent weekends and weekends at Northpark and the Galleria while I lived in Dallas. Since we moved out of state, my interests have wavered and it seems less thrilling.

Several reasons support this change......less disposable income with 3 kids now.......life in California is considerably more expensive than other places we have lived.....more to do outside in Colorado, KC, and Cali...and our kids simply don't enjoy it. Carter was an awesome shopper. Jack and Lainey - not so much.

I have learned, too, that online shopping can be even more effective and certainly stress free. Remove the obligatory lunches/coffee, etc that always add to a mall trip and you're coming out way ahead.

Behold Christmas 2011. I'm about 80% done, peeps. Feels good. Bought nearly everything online as I saw sales and will keep it tucked safely inside my storage bins until it's time to ship out in November. Feel free to call me "crazy". I can take it.

Caroline and I ventured into Fashion Valley while she was in town to pick out Jack's birthday present. One visit to Nordstrom and we were both about to pull our hair out. He did score these super cool dinosaur Vans while there. And, I picked up a little gift for our nephew, Kellen, too. For Christmas, of course!

While we were out, I wandered into Peek. Holy cuteness. I believe it's primarily a West Coast thing, but they do have a store in Texas. Northpark, I think. Check it out. Nordstrom has a Peek section, too, in their kids' department.

Fun and funky. Just our style.

OK, so my question......since I'm out of the shopping game......what am I missing? Our kids are stocked for summer, but I'd like to freshen up their wardrobe a bit. And, I'm always in search of cute sundresses for me.

***What's your latest favorite for kids?

***What's your latest favorite for women?


Dee Stephens said...

I'm not a huge shopper. I like boutiques and things off the beaten path so I'm probably not a lot of help.
I also find a lot of cool stuff on blogs.
I still can't believe you have that much Christmas done! WTH? I need to start picking up things here and there.

The Lenzers said...

This is a hard one for me. I hate shopping. I rarely buy things for myself and when I do it's target or khols. The boys things usually come from gap, it fits their short little legs the best. I'm a bore, I know it!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Right now I am loving the new TOMS for little girls, check them out at Nordies. Old Navy has some metallic boat shoes for little girls...I can totally see them paired with demin capris and a cute graphic t-shirt or a denim romper.

Spring and summer for me= sundresses and gladiator sandals galore!

donatelli98 said...

Gap - for me and the girls; Ann Taylor Loft - me ... Gymboree - girls. Nothing too exciting. I have a hard time finding cute stuff that doesn't look too old for Chatty.

Allyson and Dave said...

I live for shopping and I have to go to the mall at least once a week. If not I feel like I missing something. I go shopping to buy things for other people but always wind up buying stuff for me. Beauty products are my weakness. I really should not go into Sephora or Ulta at all. I find a reason to buy everything I get my hands on. I love the baby gap for my nieces. For me I love Anthropologie, Gap, Express, The Limited (for suits) and Macy's. And of course I have to hit up Tommy Bahama for Dave. I also have a soft spot for purses...Juicy is my all time favorite. I like all things bright and colorful. I love home stores to. Homegoods is the best. I once went so crazy at Pier 1 that I had to drive my SUV home to unload and then go back and get the rest of my purchases. Yes, I have a problem.

starnes family said...

LOVE the Toms for kids! We tried to persuade him to get those instead of the Vans, but he said they were "stupid". Nice.

Christmas shopping year round is easy and fun. Promise!

Kim said...

80% done with Christmas shopping and we are 2 days into Spring...WOW! You are good!

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Please tell me you shop for dresses at Forever 21. They are dirt cheap and adorable. Some are for 16 year olds and some are for moms! For sure, do not take the kids. Also, how do you know what your kids will want/need for Christmas already? What if they hate it by the time December comes? I wish I could be like you!

Brittny said...

When I read things like this I realize #1 - how cheap I really am and #2 - that people are spending way too much money on clothes and #3 - that #2 is the reason that everyone looks cuter than I do.

I shop Old Navy and Target for the kids, but Christopher is at that weird between stage so it's hard to find things that fit. (Not a toddler, but some big kid stuff is too long) I go to Khol's when I think about it. I hate driving all the way out to the outlets, but when I do, I get lots of stuff for the kids at Osh Kosh and Carter's.

For me, Old Navy, Target and we just got a Forever 21 so that one makes me super happy! I don't have too many "nice" clothes because it's so stinking hot and humid here that I don't want to ruin it. So, I save those for my "church" clothes or the rare occasion I'm out with Brandon or the girls.

Basically, there is not much to choose from in our little town. I prefer online myself because I don't have to drag anyone kicking and screaming to find them clothes they will only hate.

Coco said...

You know me, I'm all about Mini Boden for the kids and all purchased on ebay. Well, most of it.

Anthropologie and J Crew are my go to places for most things.

Miss you lovah.

Sara said...

Kids - I'm in a rut. Just bought some shorts from Lands End for him, but most of his stuff comes from Gap, Nordstroms or Neimans Last Call. But my goal is to start shopping for him on Ebay and the resale shops.

For me - Nordstroms, Anthropologie, J. Crew - and......Forever 21. Don't knock it. They've got some great stuff for CHEAP. Especially trendy little things that you know you'll only wear for one season.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love those shoes.


If they weren't little boy shoes I would totally track them down and wear them everyday.

timmonstimes said...

I hate shopping but sure do love a deal on a dress or outfit for C. My favorite...My Vintage Baby. Not my favorite for the pocket book so I love a good ebay steal. A client of mine sells it and will sometimes give me the opportunity to buy the samples at a great discount. Can't beat it :) It's too cute!!!