Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hello, friends.

Thanks for the help with entertaining ideas! Can't wait to see everyone. 11 days until Caroline arrives. Not sure who is most excited......me, Blake, kids or Batman?

We're planning on two days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Caroline loves the parks as much as I do. Might stay overnight in Santa Monica and explore more of Orange County and L.A. Lots to do!

A week or so ago, I took the punks to meet Jack's girlfriend, Rylee + family at Disneyland.

Wonder if it's time to buy Jack the big boy hat since he's still wearing his "baby" Mickey ears we bought in 2006?

Jelly Cat adorned Carter's ears. He was on Space Mountain (fast, indoor coaster), so we stayed entertained outside taking pictures and hanging out.

Then, she got a piggy back ride. Jelly Cat has replaced Meow Meow. Don't tell her.

Carter is a collector. Bakugan, pressed pennies, Star Wars figures, etc. His latest obsession is the Vinylmations. Each is created by a famous artist and tells a story. You buy them in the park (or online) and then you can trade at Disney shops within the grounds. Pretty cool.

We're not buying him that big one. The little ones cost $12 each! Not even going to ask the price. He'll probably ask Pa for it the next time he's here.


Look alikes.

Cruella de Vil was fantastic. One of our best character experiences yet.

She teased Lainey about making Jelly Cat into a hat. Cute. And, a little disturbing. Like Disney.

My sweet friend, Allison and her bebe, Cailyn.

For Caroline........one of our favorites.....Jungle Cruise!

Alisha gave Lainey this darling necklace........she wears it each time we go!

The happy couple......Jack and Rylee.

Punkin Cailyn.

And......that's a wrap. Got rained out, so we headed home. Such a nice perk of having passes......no need to stay!

Back up to Carter's fabulous field trip. Here was his departure. Hugging the punks. Then, he set out for San Juan Capistrano where they visited a Mission and then stayed overnight in a cabin at the Lazy W Ranch. Learned about how the original California settlers lived. Awesome.

My biggest boy. Today, I'll register my middle child for Kindergarten. Not sure how we all got here.......seems like Blake and I were just married not long ago! 11 years in May.

Jack-a-roo at the beach........so happy.

We went pre-storm. Beautiful.

Kids are learning about all things oceanic.

Jack seems most interested.

A friendly game of football.......Daddy + kids while I read. Lovely.

Can you imagine what lunatics we'll be here over the summer if we spend so much time on the beach now?! I can't wait.

Jelly Cat has a new friend. Meet Sally. My mom made Lainey this monkey when she was born. She just rediscovered it.

It hailed here a few weeks ago. Californians were out taking pictures and stood fascinated with the ice. Our cold weather babies loved it, too.

Massive, isn't it? No judgment........we were the same way prior to living in Colorado and Kansas City.

That's all I got, folks. Time to wrangle some kids.

Now, go over to Lindsay's blog and enter her giveaway. Super cute pillows!


Shannon said...

All of your kids are cute but I'm especially fond of how handsome Big Boy Jack has gotten. He looks like a....kindergartener. Just in time!

I think the registration paper for kindergarten should ask parents to spell the grade they're enrolling in, then the kids can be separated based on predicted IQ. "Kindergarden" kids head straight for the short bus.

donatelli98 said...

Can't wait to hear how registration went and if you took me up on my pre-registration beverage! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Claire Kiefer said...

My goodness Carter and Lainey look exactly alike. It's uncanny. And I gotta say, I kinda love Cruella. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Your kids are getting big!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Oh, you must frame that picture of Carter and Lainey...so cute! Have a blast with Caroline! I love how you can tell what a great bond the two of you have just be reading your blog. Such a special relationship!!

starnes family said...

Shannon - agree!

Jen_from_NJ said...

Cute pictures! My daughter's name is Cailyn - I don't think that I have ever seen another with the same spelling. Have a great time at Disneyland!

Sarah said...

love love LOVE Lainey's yellow rainboots!!

(you can tell her we're twins, I have a similar pair. from KS. duh, who else would buy me those?)

Merry Mack said...

I love the goofy smiles at dland. Yikes! I am so scared for kindergarten. I am ready and I am not. Why do they have to grow up? All of them? Are you sad that Meow Meow has been replaced?

Kim said...

You are definately living it up in CA. Seems like you take advantage of every second, I love it!

Pam Bowers said...

As usual, you guys are super busy. I still haven't gotten up to Disneyland! Although, I did drive to the mountains today to see the snow! Fyi...never go see the snow on a weekend. The looney city peeps come out in hoards. It's not so bad midweek though.

Dawn said...

Again, I'm so jealous you get to visit Disney like it's a day at the local park.

My 4 year old has recently started talking about Disney Land thanks to her mimi. I refuse to take her though until she is at least six.

Of course, we'd more than likely be going to Disney World. I've never been to Disney Land. Well, I did go in my mom's tummy once. Ha!

Cute, cute, cute pictures.

Katherine said...

I love the pictures of Cruella Deville! I always love reading about your trips to Disneyland! We are going to Disney World for Spring Break. I can't wait... 44 days, but who is counting?

Sara said...

Hey! What's wrong with a short bus???? :)

Yes, LC and Carter do look a lot alike. And I just can't believe how much Jack has changed over the last year. It's crazy. Big boy!

Yay for Caroline's visit!!! I know y'all are so excited!

Tiffany said...

two things:

one-love caroline's outfits! so freaking adorable and fun.

two- stuffed cats really shouldn't smoke

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