Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Questions, Answered

*Which kid is your favorite?

It depends on the day and time of day.  Carter is pre-teen-angst-ish in the morning, deciding what to wear.  If skinny jeans are not clean, he's less than pleasant to be around.  Jack is almost always in love with me, super affectionate and could literally hug me for hours if I let him.  However, his social skills are still developing, so it's stressful being with friends.  Lainey is so overly sweet sometimes that it's hard to believe she's real.  Other times (and always unpredictably, unlike the boys), she can be a mega brat.

So, I'm going with Batman.

*What did you draw at the cartoon exhibit at Disney?

Tigger.  The artist broke it down to show the kids how to create him, start to finish.  Pretty cool.

*Is a wine diet.....I mean, a liquid diet......the preferred method of losing weight?  I'm down!

Wine is actually quite high in calories.  Unless you stop eating all together, I think this might be counter productive to your goals.  Oh, wait.  Is your weight "down"?  Please advise.

*Why is Hilarious (Hilary, a friend from high school) not as funny as Julie (another high school friend) and Casey?

She's short.  And, still lives in Texas.

*Where did you find the sourdough Mickey Mouse?

California Adventure, at the Pacific Wharf Cafe.  It's in the Boudin Bakery, which is part of the cafe.  The original Boudin Bakery opened in San Francisco in 1849.  It's known for using only the best ingredients available.  I believe the Mickey was $7.99 and they give you all the butter you want.  A total carb fest, but the kids loved it and we ate a ton!  Great snack to keep the kids going without spending a lot of money.

*Where did you find the drawing exhibit?

California Adventure, at the Animation Academy in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area.  After entering under the Golden Gate Bridge, take a left and walk down the street.  It's at the far end, on the right.  The drawing exhibit is only one part of this attraction.  Lots to learn about how Disney animation comes to life here.

*When are you going to visit Texas?

Not sure.  No plans right now.  Still getting settled in Cali!

*What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?

Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World.  Old school and fabulous.

*Ever been to Disney World?  How does it compare to Disneyland?

Had a trip planned in 2008 and researched several of the parks there, but ended up canceling the trip due to our move from Colorado to Kansas.  Can't wait to go one day!

*No kidding.  They sell alcohol at the park?

Disneyland does not, as I understand it.  California Adventure does.  While I can see how indulging here and there would be a nice option, it is pricey and not entirely kid-friendly, as you know.  They have several places......a "winery" that is high end and nice.  That is where I stopped last visit.  Most restaurants serve beer.  And, although I didn't do it, I believe you can walk the entire park with your drinks.  Seems somewhat anti-Disney to me, though.

*What is your favorite area?

Assuming this is regarding Disneyland.  My favorite part is tucked back by the Haunted Mansion.....particularly the French Market and surrounding attractions.  Carter is always thrilled here to get his Clam Chowder and the kids love seeing Tom Sawyer Island.  As for rides......my favorite has to be Fantasy Land.  Mr. Toad's wild Ride......Peter Pan........Cinderella's castle, etc.  It's all magical and full of history.

*What do you think of President Obama nowadays?

I'm surprisingly far away from politics right now.  Still a Republican, but haven't paid much attention to it all.  I'm intrigued by Bobby Jindal, but otherwise, few politicians hold my interest.  It will all become more important near election time.  For now, I've lost interest.

*Do you still love Coco?  What happened to her?

Of course, I still love Coco.  She's working.  Seems to be interfering with her blogging, which, to me, is reason enough to quit.  I suppose she and her husband disagree.

Great questions, peeps!  Hope yall are having a good week.

Lots to report on.......hold tight!



Pam Bowers said...

Those were good questions. I think I could go to Disneyland now and know where to go. I'm sure it has changed about 20 different times since my last visit...ahem...in 1993.

Allyson and Dave said...

You must make it to Disney World one day!!! 3 of the 4 parks here serve alcohol. Only the Magic Kingdom does not. And that is the one park Dave will not go to. I personally think It's a Small World would be much more entertaining with wine. I love the Haunted Mansion too. I like trying to make the people who work there laugh. I have a friend that used to work there. She lasted one day at the Haunted Mansion because she could not stop laughing. They take that stuff seriously!

Mocha Princess Aurora said...

I am a Disney Blogger for Orlando so PRETTY PRETTY Please come to Orlando so I can hook you up with fun stuff and the good places to go! I will even spoil Meow Meow with Cadbury Eggs!!! :)

Vincent Family said...

Thanks a lot, now I REALLY want to go to Disney!

The Lenzers said...

some very interesting facts my friend!

Mama Sue said...

I have it on good authority that Coco will be blogging again before too long! I miss her too!

Dee Stephens said...

A Small World is my all time favorite too.
And.. of course Disney sells booze! I know you've never been to the Florida parks but Epcot is one big booze fest! Seriously, you drink around the world! Every country has a tasting room with drinks signature to that country. It's fantabulous! HA!

donatelli98 said...

The Florida Disney parks rock - better than Cali in my opninion but I am a FL girl!! Yes the alcohol is expensive at Disney but as Jann and I discovered it was a requirement to get through the day with all of those kids!!

starnes family said...

I absolutely agree that WDWorld must be better than Disneyland in many ways. There's so much more to love! I can't wait to go one day.