Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jackie

Blake says he's my favorite.

It's not true.

Except for today.

OK, so I only have an entire montage to him from birth until now (almost.....who could keep up with more?). But, he is the only kid documented for nearly 5 years.

On the internet.

Which means, he's going to be labeled as absolutely "crazy" or "brilliant", based on my discretion.

I'll let the world decide.

(Fully knowing how they'll sway, of course.)

He's my only kid to:

*Not tell a lie in his lifetime. It's still (as far as I know) not an ability of his.

*Name every possible dinosaur privy to his little mind, including those I could have never read to him from a book because I would have surely screwed up the name.

*Live life fully in my care (minus Mother's Day Out and Preschool) from birth until now.

*Make me question Aspergers, ODD, and every other possible label for his quirky personality.

*Insist I read more books than I ever thought available for young children.

*Give me the ability to love like I didn't believe I could.

Punkin Jack.

He's the only child I prayed for and begged God for. (Carter and Lainey came quite easily to the family, in case you're late to the game here).

I cried for 7 months thinking I'd never get pregnant again. After waiting so long to have a second child with the man I knew I would love forever. We had to wait. We wanted to build a house. We wanted to be sure. And, when we were, it took forever. For all of those in the same boat I was then (you know who you are, bloggies), I am praying for you, too.

He has taught me so much and more than likely my other 2 children combined will ever convince me of.

I'm so glad he loves trains and dinosaurs. I do, too, now.

So, you went from this:

To this:

In 5 short years. 

Yes, 5.  You are refusing to acknowledge your birthday and dismissing all adults from your party.  This is all par for the course and doesn't phase us a bit.

I took a second at the beach tonight to document your favorite food.  "Rectangle Chicken Nuggets" from Carls' Junior.  They're technically French Toast Sticks, but we missed that correction upon moving here and getting settled.  Damn.

I also documented your latest love.  This doesn't inspire the same unique fascination as does the Coaster or Sprinter, a la Oceanside, California, but you do love it so.


You know every one by heart and can pronounce them better than the experts.

Lainey is your best friend and nemesis all at the same time.  I'm guessing that will go on for years.  She has a way of making things "right" when you think she's wrong.

And, your big brother.  That kid is pretty good to you.

I will frame this one for you soon enough.  Fewer things in this entire world can make me smile like this.

Oh, wait.  There you are.  On the Pacific Coast, 5 years ago.  Such a good match, even then.

And, finally.....the three punks.  You are a match like no other.  God had such a plan with this project.

You are so perfectly matched and uniquely different all at the same time.

And, I couldn't pray for more.

Know what I like about you most?

You're YOU. 

You don't apologize for being yourself.  You have an uncanny and often misunderstood knack for telling the world to eff off and I can relate to that in unmeasured proportions.

Carry on, soldier. 

Your mama's got your back.

Happy Birthday Punkin Jack.


Leiah said...

Aw...nothing like starting the day off by crying at such a sweet, sweet post. Happy birthDAY to Jack and Happy BIRTHday to you Mama!

The Lenzers said...

happy birthday JACK!!!!! isn't it funny how when they are babies you wonder what they will look back, but when you look back at photos, they are exactly the same....more hair and more teeth, but the same! i feel this little "prego moomy" connection with Jack. wonder why he doesn't want to turn 5?

Unknown said...

So sweet! I remember visiting while on bed rest, in the hospital and after! 5 years!??
I love the pics and I remember that pic of Jack and Carter on the that one!
tear, tear!!!!!
happy birthday Jack!!!!!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Happy Birthday to your little cutie!!

Kristen said...

I am sitting in my office, with the door closed, crying. Not sure why. I've never met Jack. But I feel like I know him... thanks to your beautiful blog.
Your family is beautiful.... and I suppose a part of me is just overwhelmed that life can be that amazing. That there might be punks out there for me someday... who will change my world and teach me things I never dreamed I could learn.... and turn into amazing little people right before my eyes.
Jack is an amazing little soul... and I love his spirit. I hope that today, on his unacknowledged 5th birthday, every dinosaur and train and any other thing that makes his heart happy is his.
Happy birthday Jack.

Sara said...

Happy, Happy Un-birthday to Jack!

I love all of those pictures. Especially the ones of him and Carter. I hope Jack's "uncelebrated" birthday brings him everything his sweet, little heart desires.

Sarah said...

those two pics of Jack and Carter are just begging to be put in a double frame.....

happy FOURTH birthday to Jack! (I totally get the Peter Pan syndrome. no judgement here for not wanting to grow up)

Katherine said...

I love this post! Happy Birthday Jack!! I do not know Jack, but I am fond of him because he reminds me of my William (who I am often told is my favorite). Here's to awesome, funny, blond haired, male middle children. Hope Jack has a great day. And I think it is really cool that he shares a birthday with my Caroline!

donatelli98 said...

Happy Un-Birthday Jack!! So glad to finally meet you this year! It is so funny how God's plan always has a purpose huh???

Monica said...

Happy UNbirthday to Jack! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the pictures!

And, thanks for the prayers :)

Heather said...

so precious! happy birthday Jack! You are a doll!

merrilee said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet is that. No love like a mama's love. This is so sweet and special. Happy Birthday, Jack--just don't tell him I said so.

amy7503 said...

That is just precious! Love that boy's spirit! Happy (un)Birthday to him.

Kelley Loredo said...

Love it! Wish I could say it like you do - nice job, Case!

Kelly Beatty said...

Happy Birthday Jack. Even if I can't be invited to your party :(. Oh, I agree with The Lenzers; Jack has your teeth!!

Kelly Beatty said...

I didn't read The Lenzers post correctly. But, I noticed right away. You and Jack have the same grill.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Oh Casey, you totally made me cry! That Jack is one sweetheart of a boy wrapped up in a little stubborn package. Sure do love him and the occasional hugs and kisses I get when I drop him off at preschool!

The Rand's said...

Love this post! Happy birthday to Jack!

FROGGITY! said...

well, that made me cry. he is adorable. is he really FIVE? goodness. time flies. all 3 of your children are just stunning.

i agree, the one you pray for, the one your scared of losing, the one that comes hardest... there is a special bond there. "for this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him."
1 Samuel 1:27

it's a special, grateful bond. happy birthday jack!

Impulsive Addict said...

Punkin' Jack melts my heart. I didn't know you "prayed" for him! I prayed for 6 years with Emma! And I've been praying for a sibling for about a year now. We'll see what happens. Hopefully sometime before my ovaries die I'll get another one. I'm getting too old for this shiz.


Momma to the A's said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! What a great kiddo you are turning out to be. Keep being you!

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