Tuesday, April 05, 2011


We've been averaging about 4 trips per week to the beach.  Some are all day visits.  Some are for sunsets.  Some are just to let the kids run.  It's a lot of work.....each trip requires lots of laundry, sand in every spot possible in the entire universe in my car and house, set up and take down of the beach gear, packing food and drinks, etc, etc.  But, I still love it.

Went to the zoo recently, also.  What's Spring Break without a sweaty zoo trip?  And, it was just that.....a hot day and the zoo always feels hotter than other parts of the city for some reason.  I splurged and got the kids "shaky" (Jack's language) cup Icees.  We don't often buy food/drinks while we're out because we're out quite a bit.  Those purchases add up.  So, this was a little treat for the punks.


I love spring.  Fuzzy baby ducklings all around. 

Can't even remember why the kids were dressed up a bit here and I chose to take a picture, but it was as successful as my usual attempts.  Weirdos.

ps - "a bit dressed up" means Carter is not wearing skinny jeans, heinous H&M shoes or a "thug life" hat (flat brim) and Lainey doesn't look like a misplaced homeless child in her "soft" (velvet) dress and leggings that do not match.   

Who knew Jack would be my easy one?  Write that one down, quick.

Carter has been a guest reader at Preschool recently.  Poor kid was totally thrown under the bus with 2 books about dinosaurs.  Even I have a hard time that pronunciation!  Luckily, Jack was there to correct him.  :)

Holly and I took kids to the beach on Camp Pendleton (the Marine base).  A little different than most California beaches.  Typically, we don't see guys patrolling with guns, you know? 

It started to rain a bit, so we headed out. 

Always resourceful Holly (love this about her) persuaded this life guard to carry all of our crap back to the car.  Some kids, too!  That girl can work magic, yall.

Before the rain started, our dopey kids chose to hang out away from the water and closer to the port-potties.  The prettier parts of southern California, of course.

So, we're in week 2 of Spring Break 2011 Baby!  I will attempt to ruin Carter's life today with a trip to the San Diego Botanic Gardens.  Lucky guy.

Other scoop:

We're considering a pool for the backyard.  A nice, above-the-ground version, of course.  (They do exist).  Considering all of the factors......maintenance, safety, convenience, etc.  Right now, we have this huge yard where kids can run from the front to the back, ride their bikes and scooters with ease......tons of options for play and discovery.......all of that would change if there were a pool.  No more relaxed mama.  Even though our kids know how to swim.  Would a community pool pass be a better option?  Lots to think about.

Our marathon of guests has ended for the moment.  We had an absolute blast with every family and friend we got to see.  So much more to post on it all.  Coming soon.

I've lost 13 pounds total.  Still working on it! 

The Lincoln Lawyer was pretty good.  Need to see Limitless.  You know, the one with my celebrity boyfriend?

Read the book, Room.  Such an interesting perspective and it reminded me a lot about a child's viewpoint of the world.  It reminded me of their fragile, always-learning, curious little minds.  A very powerful book.

Reading Lit now.  Heard all of her books are good.  Anyone familiar?


Unknown said...

Bah! Those kiddos are too cute for words!

Dee Stephens said...

I want to see Limitless as well. No go on the pool in the yard. My brother did it and honestly it was a TON.TON of work and expensive. I say go for the community pool.

merrilee said...

Those first two pictures are precious! Calling you right now...the botanic gardens are within walking distance of my house!

lauren said...

Very cute pics. Want to see The Lincoln Lawyer. Heard of Lit, but haven't read it. Must add it to the list.

donatelli98 said...

Want to see the movie too. Thought I had read the book but I can't remember - my kids sucked my brain cells. Love the pic of Carter reading to the little punks - even if he does have on his skinny jeans. That's a lot of beach time - God Bless you for dealing with all of that sand! Lainey and her homeless outfits - sounds just like Bia!! We have a pool (in ground) and love it and use it ALL OF THE TIME! It's almost warm enough to start swimming this year!!

Amy said...

Casey...THIRteen pounds!?!?!? That is too awesome! Kudos to you!

Summer Athena said...

ok. i want to steal your children. right now.

Vincent Family said...

What a fun start to Spring Break!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I haven't heard of Lit. Any good?

I'm loving the pics! As always.

I'm thinking that drink pic would look perfect in my hands with a little alcohol in it. YUM. Momma's thirsty.

The Lenzers said...

Ok, on the first picture-notice the lady walking in the water in the background in her jeans? I can't stand wet pants, why can't she roll them up. second picture at the zoo-jack looks hot and that drink looks great! I still so badly want to see lincoln lawyer. If M would stay in town long enough and come home early enough, maybe I will. Community pools are great, but then there is the "in public in a suit" thing. A pool at home is certainly more private and convienent, but you have to always be outside with them. lots to consider. My sis just got a super super nice salt water above ground pool last year. I know they do still exsist!

Allyson and Dave said...

I love that you go to the beach so much. We rarely go. If I had it to do over again I would not have a pool. I like the community pool idea. Ours is always breaking and runs the electric bill up like crazy!! It is a lot of upkeep.

Tiffany said...

i haven't been to san diego since i was 15 but still remember the beaches. my parents lived there for years (i was born there) and talk about all of their picnics on the beach.

Jodee said...

It looks like you are having loads of fun on spring break!

13 pounds?! You go girl! I am soooo proud of you! Keep up the great work!

How do you have time to read so many books? Do you sleep at night?!

Kristen said...

I want to go to the beach. And the zoo. Although I go to work everyday which is much like a zoo... although less civilized and the concessions aren't as good.

I also need to acquire a swimsuit with a ruffle on the butt. Lainey has inspired me. Love the look.

Carter has quite the fashion sense!! What a little stud!

And those pic of the punks together... I hope those poor boys know what they'r in for. The looks on Lainey's faces are awesome. I am just waiting for her to start ordering them around and calling the shots.

And Jack looks more and more like you every time you post a pic... do you hear that a lot?!!?

jennykate77 said...

Man, you guys are always so busy with so much fun stuff. LOVE the beach trips. I'm sure they are work though...sand is annoying, fun to play in, but annoying.

Congrats on the 13 pounds! Awesome.

All of the pictures are fantastic! I love seeing Cali through your lens.

Dawn said...

I am just all kinds of jealous that you can just go to the beach when you want.

I would never have a pool in my backyard. Too expensive, too much liability, too much work, etc. Good luck with your decision.

Congrats on losing 13 lbs. I need to lose 13+ lbs. Seriously. I'm outta control.

Love the pictures of your kids. always.

How sweet that your son goes in and reads for his younger brother. I love that.

Happy Hump Day!!

Sara said...

I still love that pink ruffled suit of Lainey's. She looks adorable in it. And if I have a girl.......well, just get ready because I'll be begging for hand-me-downs. From you and Coco.

Jack is just looking adorable these days. And he seems to be smiling a lot more. Are you slipping him some happy drugs?

the pool = fun times! But yes, panic and worry come with the territory too. I'd go for it though. Especially since all your punks know how to swim.

Darcy said...

sigh. i love our town!!!! You make me love it even more, especially with your adorable blondie brood!!!! i love the photo of the three of them, your daughter's dress is adorable. i have only one little six month old baby so far, but we are going for three, so your fam is a glimpse at my future here ;-)!
Cheers, to san diego!

Anonymous said...

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