Friday, April 29, 2011

Plans And Stuff

We have been busy little bees around here lately, folks. Celebrating Jack all week....Chuck E Cheese's (Lord give me strength) on Monday......beach picnic on Tuesday.....Rio, the movie, on prep tonight.

*****Sweet Jackie got 4 shots and a prick for his TB test yesterday. What kind of mother schedules such on his birthday?! I had to. It was the only time Blake was available to stay home with Lainey while I took Jack by myself. After last year's "conduct disorder" mark on our records, I wasn't going to take any chances. I'm pleased to report that our little guy willingly stepped on the scale, measured his height, took his hearing and sight tests, etc, etc. The pediatrician was perhaps the best we've ever seen and Jack was the best behaved I've seen in a very long time. Now, he did refer to the nurses as the "dentist girls", but then again, his father still calls flight attendants, "stewardesses", so can we blame him?

Moving on.....

*****Lots planned for the next several days.  Company coming in.......more party prep.......another doctor's visit to recheck the TB on the back yard and more.  What do people do all day if they're not busy?  I've never understood that.

*****Starting to think about a little vacation this summer before we head off to Florida in July.  Las Vegas is a short 5 or 6 hours away.  Might take the whole fam to tour the city and laze by the pool in June.  Although I don't think Vegas is very high on anyone's list for a family attraction, I do think there is plenty for kids.  Check this site.

Treasure Island
New York New York
Caesar's Palace

We can ride the train up and down the strip and see the attractions at dusk and relax by the pool during the day.  I'm not talking about a Hangover re-enactment, people, so calm the hell down.  Kids will be on a 2 drink limit and there will be a midnight curfew for everyone.  No hookers and no gambling.


*****I saw Water For Elephants tonight. Absolutely loved it. LOVED. They totally nailed the cast. Christoph Waltz as August was brilliant. Robby and Reese were awesome, too. Highly recommend it. If you haven't read it, do that first.

The trailer:

Back soon. Yall have a great weekend!


Katherine said...

I can't wait to see Water For Elephants! The book was fantastic. Right now, I am reading Sweet Valley Confidential.... yes, Sweet Valley High 10 years later. It is kind of horrible. But I didn't expect it to be great!

I still call flight attendants "stewardesses" too.

Dee Stephens said...

Having lived in Vegas for 3 years I would vote to go somewhere else.
The only real 'kid friendly' hotel on the strip is New York New York and even there they have to stay on the yellow brick road.
Plus..the pools at all the Vegas hotels have turned into club scenes with T&A everywhere.
I would vote to take them to the Grand Canyon. You could ride the train,hike around and there's tons for kids to do there.
Another suggestion might be Palm Springs if you're really looking to relax. Much more family friendly and could veg at the pool.
They also have a lovely tram that tops you to the top of a mountain and there's an entire State Park up there.
I've done it a couple of times and it's fun.

donatelli98 said...

Come to Phoenix to lounge by a pool!! Seriously if you come to the Grand Canyon state we will meet up with you! Vegas is just as hot as Phoenix ... so proud of Jack!!

Kristen said...

I'm dragging Carl to this this weekend whether he likes it or not. And I will have no shame as I DROOL and pant over RPattz the entire time. Hot damn I am obsessed with him.

Happy weekend!!!

The Rand's said...

I'm almost finished with Water For Elephants. Can't wait to see the movies!!!!

Glad to hear about all of Jack's unbirthday activities! Sounds like fun!


Pam Bowers said...

Girl, you might regret going to Vegas in June. HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!! So hot you can't breathe.

Sounds like Jack had a fantastic unbirthday.

The Lenzers said...

you are busy! why the TB test? I don't remember my kiddos getting that one?! I want to see WFE, but I am quite behind on my movie watching. LV for the kids....nice. I think Vegas should be enjoyed only in the dead of winter, it is way too stinking hot for me, especially to be chasing drunk toddlers around

starnes family said...

TB tests are for California schools. Never had to do it in other areas......but we do here! Even I have to in order to volunteer at preschool.

Coco said...

I am so proud of Jack!!!!

And I'm with you, have no idea what people do all day with nothing to do!

And I'm with Dee. Vegas sounds terrible with kids.

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