Monday, April 26, 2010

4 Years Of Jack

There are no words adequate enough to express my love for this child.

He is my Jack. Our precious 4 year old son.


Dee Stephens said...

i can't even begin to pick my favorite.
Maybe the one with Batman when he's just a baby or the one camping with the big bag of cheetos? or the one where he's overlooking the canyon?
You'll have some good ones for his rehearsal dinner reel!

Becca Jane said...

You're so gorgeous Casey. Seriously.

Haha, I love the black/white striped jammies. And cute black kitty! He's a beautiful boy, Happy Birthday Jack!!

Hattie said...

I love all the pics. Jack is quite the character! He reminds me of my Jaxon (also a middle child)! 4 is such a fun age!

Lauren W said...

OKay, I got teary eyed looking through these. What a sweet and precious little boy. I especially loved the one of Jack and Lainey asleep in their double stroller at Disney World. That one killed me. Happy Birthday, Jack!!

The Soladay Family said...

I do have to say this...the one with Santa holding Batman made me laugh out loud. Hysterically.

Such great pics. You can really see the love between all the kids as well as your whole family. That cannot be faked or staged. It just is. =)

If the shoe FITZ said...

Sweet little Jack..I remember holding him at the hospital!!
Love all the pics. So fun to see how they have all changed so much over the years. I can't believe it's been that longs since ya'll left TX. Carter has changed so much...of course the babies have too...but Carter has really grown up!

Merry Mack said...

Those beautiful babies! What wonderful pictures. Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

Kim said...

I loved every single one. You have such a sweet family! Happy Birthday Jack!

donatelli98 said...

Holy Cuteness Batman (well not just Batman!)!! Such a beautiful picture montage (is that how you spell it?). You have such a beautiful family - hot mom, hot dad and adorable kids!!

donatelli98 said...

BTW - my work internet security won't let me read your blog at work - the nerve of them interfering with my daily reads!

starnes family said...

Hattie......4 is my favorite age. Was with Carter......hoping the same for Jack and then Lainey!

Jodee said...

What a little character! Happy Birthday, Jack!

The Luis Family said...

Happy Birthday Jack! What a sweet birthday post! I loved seeing Jack as he grew and changed those 4 years. Ashlyn turns 4 next week! The time really does fly by! Have a wonderful day celebrating!

The Jones Family said...

Tell Jack "that big ol' girl" and the whole family love him very much and hope he has a wonderful 4th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Heather said...

OH!!! So sweet and precious. Love this post! I know it must have taken you forever to get all those pics up... or it would have taken me forever anyway... He will love this post someday.

Happy 4th Birthday Jack! You are a doll!

Pam Bowers said...

That was a fun trip down memory lane. I love kids at the age of 4. So much fun!

Kristen said...

Well... I don't know. I don't know if it's because I have had about 5 hours of sleep in the last few days, or because I have my sappy playlist going in the background... but I was enjoying looking through these amazing pictures... and then I read your last sentence. And I balled. I don't have words to tell you how grateful I am to have "met you" and how inspired I am every time I read your posts. Your family and the love you have for your husband and your children and your sister... well, you just have it all figured out. You know what life's all about and I just pray that someday... I'm as blessed as you are.
Long comment... but I had to share a few things on a few of my favorite pics.
Jack and Lainey zonked out in their mouse ears... they look so innocent and peaceful.
In the picture where Carter is wearing a skeleton top, why is he crying? Was there a good story behind that?
Jack and his naked little bum sitting on the floor just chillin- oh my heavens. Too cute.
Caroline's star jammies... oh how I want a pair of my own!!
The ice cream photo. I can't imagine anything that more adequately embodies pure happiness. So genuine. And the way Lainey is looking so adoringly at her big brother... I melted. Just like their ice cream :)
Lainey's gingy bread pjs make me smile- I love gingerbread men (or gingies as I call them fondly). And Jack, looking so bored at the end of the couch...
But I have to know... did you take the cat to the mall to visit Santa? My friend Sarah and I died laughing... because we imangined you in line with two young boys, fighting the crowds... with a cat. Who made it onto Santa's lap over the human kids. Oh my... probably our favorite pic.
This is such a beautiful post to a beautiful little boy.
Happy 4th birthday Jack... you are so lucky to be so loved.

FROGGITY! said...

that is one big barrel of cuteness.

your children are so beautiful, and so are you! :) i love the baby pics of jack, he looks so darn happy. soooo sweet!

happy birthday jack!

Kelly Beatty said...

Jack is my favorite. Your kids don't read this, right? Also, Jack and Shawn Silva have the same birthday.

starnes family said...

Brown Eyed Girls - how dare they!

KS - LOVED your note. The crying picture of Carter was at Elitch Gardens in Denver. I can't remember now why he was crying. I wondered, too, when I saw it! I took Batman and the boys to Petsmart for the Santa photo. It was quite interesting. I hope Santa was drinking! He needed it.

Kel - The kids don't read the blog. Your secret is safe with me!

Brittny said...

i loved it!!! i was going to name my favorites but it was getting hard to keep track. they usually involved a bottle feeding, someone's finger in the wrong mouth, a black and white or the two babes passed out with mickey hats on. your family is so cute!!!

timmonstimes said...

Oh I loved looking at all of these pictures. Happy Birthday to Jack! And as my mom says, Happy birthday to you too :) She says that it is almost like the mom's birthday as well as the child's because she gave birth on this day. She has a better way of putting it into words verbally but it seems to make more sense than me typing it :) Hope you enjoy your day.

My favorite picture is the one of the kiddos on the couch in Christmas pjs and he has his chin propped up with his hand, looking chill while Carter is holding Lainey screaming :)

The Potters said...

I love, love, love ALL of these pictures!!!! Happy birthday, Sweet Jack!!

Sara said...

Every time I thought I had a "favorite" picture, a new one would pop up and have me smiling and laughing all over again.

Such a sweet look back at an awesome little boy with an INCREDIBLE family!! Loved seeing all of the pictures of Carter and Jack because I didn't read your blog back then. They've grown up so much.

I just love you and your family! Makes me so happy.

Happy 4th Birthday, Jack-o!!

Carrie Darney said...

Oh Casey...tearing up over here! SO are truly so important. You have some fabulous ones. I still think my favorite one is of you holding him and you have a green short sleeve shirt on. You look BEAUTIFUL in it!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! What great photos!

Blake said...

I’m reminded of the song that played in the hospital room when you were born. “100 Years” by Five for Fighting. I cannot hear that song on the radio without flashing back to that hospital room, with the nurses and doctors and medical equipment and all of the chaos. Yet all that I can see is you in my arms leaned over so that your mom could get a look at you. And I remember thinking that there was something very special about you. Through the years you have taught all of us that there is joy and love in even the most simplest of things.

I have a love for things that I never imagined (or knew) I could. Here are a few of my favorite examples…Trains. ‘Chonas’. How any two parallel lines turn into train tracks or how any three (or more) things in a line can be turned into a train. Dinosaurs. Frozen waffles (still frozen). Nature walks and throwing rocks into the river to make a big splash. Bike rides in front of the house. ‘Party Moose’. Your infectious laugh. The simplicity of a playground swing and the joy that it really brings. The way that you tell me you are scared and grab my hand. The way that you look up to your brother, take care of your sister and the way that you make your mother smile.

♪ ”Jack-a-roo, Jack-a-roo. I love you” ♪. Happy Birthday!

Coco said...

Ahhhh, Blake! So sweet.

Wonderful, beautiful and whacky pictures of little big guy Jack.

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Jack! You have a wonderful fun-lovin', life-lovin' family, Casey! I am so happy for you all!

Monica said...

EVERY one of those pictures made me smile. Happy Birthday Jack! You're one lucky kid!

Clare said...

So sweet!

Happy birthday Jack!

Shannon said...

Going to go ahead and add Blake's comment to the list of Things That Have Made Me Cry This Week. Gah.

Happy 4th, Jack!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!!!

SASS said...

Yeah, thanks for the tears, Blake. I have to be in public in 5 minutes, so thanks for that....
This is so sweet, Casey. I tried to pick my favorite picture, but there were too many. Every one with Caroline (she looks beautiful when she smiles with her mouth open or closed, I'm jealous of this), the Halloween one with Octopus Lainey, Carter punching Jack in the face, you making him giggle when he was just a teensy thing, Blake and the boys fishing....ahhh too many! What a tribute to the 4-year-old punkin Jack! Well done.

starnes family said...

Yall.......I was talking to Caroline on the phone this morning and her exact words were:


Such a sweet aunt.

The Rand's said...

Happy, happy birthday Jack! Love all of the pics, Casey! All of them are great!!

The Lenzers said...

ok i'm in love...happy birthday sweet jack

Anonymous said...

In the words of John Lennon :
"Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful....
Beautiful Boy: !
Much Love to you Jack

Allyson and Dave said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! What fabulous pictures!!

merrilee said...

Are you kidding me--tear festival over here. Simply beautiful--all of it, all the comments....especially Blake's. I hope you keep this forever and someday share it with sweet Jack. I have an affinity for middle children--xxxooo for sweet Jack!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe wow. So sweet. And reading your husbands comment was icing on the cake. One of my favs was the cat in the chair with him.

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