Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Scoop Before I Jump On The Learjet

OK, it's a Southwest Flight. Whatever.

I'm off to Dallas tomorrow to see Caroline prior to the rest of the fam arriving for the newest Starnes bebe, slated to make an appearance between now and Wednesday. Brad and Lara are super excited. Us, too!

Some scoop.....

We're now doing double braids. Lainey's bangs are longer, but not long enough not to drive me completely insane. I'm trying to incorporate more of them in whatever fashion I use to tie her hair back. The braids are slightly effective. And, she looks pretty darn cute, too.

Carter looks like he needs some new shoes, huh? He has plenty of other pairs. But, prefers these. They smell as good as they look, I assure you.

We've been bike riding fools since the weather has been so lovely. Jack is enjoying Carter's hand-me-down first bike. And, his helmet. We have a "if it has wheels, you wear a helmet" rule. Cuts out discussions on which vehicles are safe and which are not. I take lots of measures to avoid arguing with a 2 and 3 year old.

Laine is loving Jack's hand-me-down helmet and the monster trike that both boys used prior to her.

Seriously tough.

And, ready to go!

We came in from school recently to settle down before nap time. Lainey refused to sit with Jack and me to read books and opted to lay on the floor instead. She ended up falling asleep under the dining room table. Sweet punkin.

And, speaking of school, we visited Jack's classroom earlier this week. Our precious Jack is starting Preschool this fall at the church. Seeing the setting and meeting teachers made him even more excited. Me? I could bawl crying at the thought of it.

I used Tatertots and Jello's burlap wreath tutorial to make the following for my sister, Caroline's, birthday next week. I made some adjustments......some intentional and some because I really didn't know what I was doing.

First, my burlap is a wider grain. I also have scissors that barely cut paper, so I didn't make circles everywhere as she did or I would have checked myself into the closest loony bin before this project ended. I chose some more embellished brads as well. Know what's funny? I didn't even know what a "brad" was prior to today.

I love it. I hope she does, too.

I mean, seriously. Martha who?

I'll peak in on blogland from time to time while I'm gone. Caroline and I have big plans to read, cook and watch a lot of Real Housewives. Ryan loves it when we do that.

Yall say some prayers for the best-husband-ever, Mr. Blake Starnes. Not only does he have the troops sans-wife starting tomorrow afternoon, he's driving those lunatics from Kansas City to Dallas. I know. I did well when I married that man.



Pam Bowers said...

The wreath looks awesome. I'm going to go have a looky at that tutorial.

There is nothing sexier about a man then one who steps up to the plate with the kidlets.

Have a fun, safe trip!

Dee Stephens said...

Safe travels and I'm sure Blake will be just fine!
Cute wreath!

Jodee said...

Holy cow! That wreath is soooo flippin' cute! I love the fun material you picked out.

Seriously, Blake deserves some kind of Father of the Year award. That man rocks!

Hope you both have fun and safe trips!

Kelly Beatty said...

Have a safe trip! I got Love Eat Pray...what's the deadline?

starnes family said...

Eat Pray Love isn't due until the end of May. Take your time!

The Soladay Family said...

Love the braids. So sweet.

Have a great trip, and text me if you get a free morning to catch a quick cup of coffee!

Sara said...

Lainey and those braids are adorable! Seriously...could she get any cuter?

I can't believe Jack is starting pre-school. That makes me sad too, but I'm looking forward to hearing stories. Should be very entertaining, no??

The wreath is fantastic. Caroline will love it! And I'll be praying for Blake throughout the weekend. Yes, you did very well when you married that man. Very well indeed.
Have a great trip!

donatelli98 said...

You know Learjet is a KS company - headquartered in good ole Wichita (an old client of mine) - by SWA is nice too and much more affordable! Great job on the wreath. Enjoy your time with Caroline and be sure to be wearing a cute outfit and have a drink in hand for Blake when he arrives!

Allyson and Dave said...

I hope you and Caroline have a great time. And I will pray for Blake and his journey. Should make an interesting blog post.

FROGGITY! said...

those braids: such cuteness!
your new background: wonderful!
your trip: have a lovely time and be safe.
that wreath: give it to me... i adore it.

:) happy weekend!

Coco said...

Love the wreath and I will be praying for Blake.

Brittny said...

holy moly he's a good man!!!! i know for a fact that neither my husband, nor i, would do that. my kids lose their minds after 1 1/2 hours in the car. annoying doesn't begin to describe how i feel about that. have a great trip and love your new header! way cute!!! are you guys going to disney or is that just a teaser?

If the shoe FITZ said...

Blake is pretty much a rockstar.

Love LC all girly with the monster tricycle. and her butt up in the air while she sleeps...awesome!

Anonymous said...

you're so crafty, casey. i'm just a poser. and the braids are super cute. love little pigtail braids.

have a fun/safe trip!

starnes family said...

Brittny - we are going to southern Califoria for a couple of weeks in July. Disneyland is on the itinerary! Can't wait.

The Rand's said...

Cute wreath, Case!

Hope to see you when you're here!


Lauren W said...

Have a great trip!! I can't wait to get together when you get back. I thought it would be to see a movie, but now I want to get together so you can show me how to make that wreath. I must learn because that is absolutely fabulous!!

Praying for Caroline this week.

Kim said...

Hope you are having a great time. I love the wreath. I love the braids and the napping pictures. You have so much fun at your house, thankd for sharing it!

SASS said...

Blake's driving the stooges down.....ALONE?! Wow. I think that should be a new contender for lists across the globe. "Will he clean up the kitchen sometimes?", "Will he remember our anniversary?", and "Will he drive our 3 kids 12 hours across the country without me?"
Definitely something to think about before marrying a man.
Have a great trip!!

The Lenzers said...

still dont know what a brad is , but what a cool wreath. love the helmut with the braid sticking out. i meant to email you a couple of weeks ago about caroline (but my pc still sucks and it s hard to do much). she looked great! and i am not far, plus my grandfather-in-law lives right down the road, so if she needs anything, please let me know. we can do more food or errands....enjoy your visit.