Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Midwest Travel Report: The Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City, KS....just part of the plan to survive while Mom's out of town

Several weeks ago, I was contacted regarding a free stay at the Great Wolf Lodge near us. A family suite, water park passes and breakfast? Done and done!

It landed on a weekend when I was slated to be in Dallas with Caroline, so Blake took the troops and they enjoyed it immensely.

The room.....bunk beds and the kids' own TV? Score.

They entered the room to find a recyclable bag filled with 3 beach towels, a t-shirt, a box of fudge, 3 stuffed animals and more. Gifts upon arrival? Love that.

The crew. Wondering if the invitation could have been revoked at this point? Hopefully no one was watching the chaos we bring with us wherever we go.

All 3 enjoyed the water park. It had something for everyone.....big and small.

Carter participated in his 2nd Guinness Book of World Records event.......the first being the World's Largest Paint By Number at the Denver Museum of Art a few years ago. This time, it involved the World's Largest Waterslide-athon. Not bad for a 9 year old.

Back in the room. They're all happy here. Lainey was just in too tired, mega-brat mode. It happens to the best of us.

And, the next morning.......still bratty. At breakfast, each child was given a "wand"......this very sought after electronic tool used to unlock mysteries around the hotel. Lainey took hers and immediately acted like it was a princess wand. One of the sweet ladies asked for it back....and returned it to her bedazzled top to bottom with streamers and a unicorn. She loved it.

Our oldest......such a great kid.

Jack being Jack. Here he is with his wand and one of the famed treasure chests.

It's a small miracle we get invited anywhere. And, a larger one that we last the intended duration of our stay.

Almost every part of the weekend was covered........but Blake splurged for some Lemon Chills. You know we're high rollers when it comes to stuff like this. Oh, and coffee for Blake. Our kids don't sleep well in hotels. Too exciting!

Carter held a baby alligator. Lainey saw it....and immediately asked, "Daddy, I hold it yike a baby?" (arms rocking like she had it swaddled in her arms)

Overall, Blake was THRILLED with The Great Wolf Lodge. The service was Disneyland fantastic. People went out of their way to accommodate the children and perhaps even more so for Blake because he was sans-wife.

We will definitely be back. Loved every minute!

After the big stay.....Blake did his best to keep the kids occupied until I returned from Dallas. And, I extended my stay 2 days. Have I mentioned that I married the best man ever lately?

Looks as if there was a tent in our house at some point. Survival mode, people. Don't judge.

Blake took the little ones to the zoo.....on what we thought would be our last visit for a while, as our membership expired March 31. And, then......sweet Aunt Caroline......treated us to another year.......this time the Gold Membership.......which includes unlimited train rides (!!!!!!!), carousel rides and passes for the tram to Africa. A thoughtful token of gratitude for my helping out in Dallas. I love my sister.

The Polar Bear exhibit is almost complete! Sneak peak this weekend....

Nice pose, Laine.

She even says, "party pic!!!!" now.


So, there you have it. It's a wonder the kids don't actually ask me to leave town.

Happy Wednesday, peeps!


donatelli98 said...

I love Lainey's poses - too funny! How awesome you got the free stay at the lodge. Blake is a brave man. Hopefully this doesn't set a precedence for when you are out of town in the future? The kids will expect to go to Disneyland next time you visit Caroline!

Sara said...

I cannot even explain how impressed I am with Blake. Seriously. He did an amazing job!! I think I may give Trey his phone number to get some tips on what to do while I'm in New York. Great, great Daddy! And husband.

Lainey - oh boy, that girl is a pistol. All of these pictures crack me up. She was in rare form. Love her swimsuit, by the way! Looks like they all had a fun weekend.

Pam Bowers said...

Awesome! Awesome! And then....Awesome! I want to go to that lodge! I love all the pics. Your hubs did a great job on his own. Not all men would have. Yay for another year membership at the zoo.

The Soladay Family said...

What a good man you have. Very impressive. How did you score that free trip to Great Wolf?

Lauren W said...

We want to go there so badly. You should also check out Coco Key water resort. it is only $5 a person if you go now in the off season on Monday-Thursday after 4:00. And kids 2 and under are free. Great fun and really cool slides.

Coco said...

Tessie Mayes says, "PARTY TIME!" too. So funny.

Looks like Blake did a fine job. And there is nothing wrong with a tent in the house. Not at all.

Dee Stephens said...

that's awesome! We have a Great Wolf Lodge here but I haven't been. I went to a similar place in Ohio called Kalahari.. rocked.. even a swim up bar for the adults with no kids :) Good hubby..that Blake!

The Rand's said...

Fun times! And, yes, Blake is the man! A lot of daddies out there would not do that!

Unknown said...

We love Great Wolf Lodge around here. It is one of our favorite favorite places! So glad you had fun! It sounds like a fantastic trip! All the more fantastic since it was FREE : )

The Luis Family said...

All I have to say is... WOW Blake, YOU rock!!

A tent in the house ... pretty cool if you ask me!

SASS said...

I thought about crashing the party while you were gone. Looks like a good time!!
Lainey and the alligator comment...I hope she talks yike dat forever. And the pic of Carter holding the alligator is so cute! He looks proud and a little nervous. You think Jack will be a bouncer someday? When he's a little taller, I bet he could man a velvet rope like the one manning his head.
GOOD JOB BLAKE! And so sweet of Caroline to buy ANOTHER year at the zoo!

Merry Mack said...

How fun! All of it, the Great Wolf Lodge and the Zoo. You have a great Hubby and sister. My husband would do a fab job, but I know others who would bomb and complain the whole time. They would also never let their wives forget that they did this very big thing called being a dad. Cute pics. There is a Great Wolf Lodge in the DFW area and everybody I know who has gone says it is so much fun! So cool that you received this treat. Cute pics and I am glad you were able to go and be with your sister.

Allyson and Dave said...

What a wonderful husband you have. The other day I was at Walmart with a coworker. We passed a man with a cart full or groceries and 4 kids...all under the age of 5. I told my coworker I wanted to marry him....and I could not even tell you what he looked like. Maybe I can train Dave.

Jodee said...

Blake rocks! He is such a fabulous Daddy! It looks like he held the fort down just fine! I think we may have been at the Great Wolf Lodge the same week. We love that place too! Maybe the Midwest bloggy families should meet there sometime!

The Lenzers said...

OK...FIRST OF ALL how did you get free passes. i need in on this. i have been wanting to give the one here a try. i cannot believe blake took all 3 kids there ALONE and survived!!! what a great hubby! so if he can do it, surely i can (being a mom and all)? and the zoo and a tent. you will be asked to leave-ha!! we have the same dinosaur shirt BTW! Lainey is too cute!!

aunt caroline said...

Can't wait to see you guys, soon!

starnes family said...

Great tip, Lauren! I've heard good things about it. or call me and I'll tell you how.

Kelly Beatty said...

Oh, gross and YUCK...I may barf at my computer looking at Carter holding a live gator. that is sick...I know, could be worse, live iguana.

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