Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Question Of The Week

Each decade brings its own quirks and fads. Some of my favorites from the 80's:

(Sass, just nod your head and look pretty and pretend you know what we're talking about)

Reebok Hightops

Fashionable and ankle-friendly. Monica had them. Monica had everything awesome when we were kids. I had 5 brothers and sisters instead of cool shoes. (And, I wore hand-me-down tough skin jeans from my BROTHER, but that's an entirely different post subject.....and something that will be noted in my upcoming memoir with details of how my parents ruined my life.)

Astro Pops

A ball park essential. I looked for these in the Boulder Powell's Candy Shoppe and also at one in La Jolla last summer. I love old school candy shops. No where to be found. They must be resurrected.

Jelly Shoes

I'll go ahead and use my merchandising background to guess these suckers had a total "real" cost of about $.12. Big money made on this fad. Genius.

Let's all agree that Crocs will be highest on the list for the first part of the 2000's. (What is the appropriate term for this decade? Shouldn't we know this by now?)

Low rise jeans, animal prints......what else?

***What do you think will define this decade?


Dee Stephens said...

colored I-pods fo sho!

Carrie Darney said...

Skinny Jeans
flat iron

Those astro pops...I have 1/2 a fake tooth up front (bad banana bar on my bike accident in 2nd grade. I was eating one of those in college and it pulled off the back 1/2 of my tooth...THEN went to the bar that night and was dancing while drinking a bottle of beer and knocked out the other 1/2...so I was drunk and showing off my missing tooth! Cute...very cute...my mom was very proud.

SASS said...

Thanks, Case. I smiled pretty and nodded the whole time. My mom had those Reeboks! I vaguely remember astropops. (I couldn't agree more on the old-time candy) I had some jellys, too. Love this post. I think about this often.
I think you're on the right track. Also? Gladiator sandals, short boots, skinny jeans, metallics, ginormous sunglasses, Webkinz, the ever-annoying Zhu Zhu pets, reality TV, blogging, LOL, OMG, WTF, ipad/touch/phone/pod. I could go on. Love this question of the week. I will be back to see what others think!!

SASS said...

OH and plaid button downs. That's a good one.

SASS said...

Wii! Just thought of that one.
(This is what happens when you post while I'm in class, btw. I look like I'm working REALLY hard over here)

donatelli98 said...

I had black and white hightops!

This decade -

Kim said...

Jelly shoes! I loved jelly shoes. Alyssa has been lucky enough to own a couple pairs. I say ditto to everythign listed so far. Great question.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing!

I have a linky party going on where you can enter a post about anything you want to share with others. I would love it if you entered this one!

Its at http://bloggerchixdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/04/talk-about-it-tuesday.html

FROGGITY! said...

hate to say it but lady gaga and i-phones (you know they'll come up with something else...and HOPEFULLY she'll fall out of fashion). twilight mania will definitely be a nod to this decade even though it started a couple of years ago...
also that long hairstyle (which is pretty i agree, not that i have never been able to rock it, though) that is so popular.

Coco said...


I hit my brother on the head with an astro pop and made him bleed.

The Soladay Family said...

I can't remember the last time I even thought about Astro Pops. They were greatness. Do you remember Kepas? You could switch out the little colored triangles on the side of the shoe?

Anonymous said...

the first that came to mind was low rise jeans but you've already said that. low rise jeans also includes muffin tops--not that the 'muffin top' was/is a fad, the two just kind of go hand in hand.

oh, and guys wearing skinny jeans--and trying to sag said skinny jeans.

unfortunately, i'm being totally serious.

Monica said...

I am totally laughing at what Tiffany said. It's so true.

I would add UGGs to the list!

Alvis said...


The 'noughties'?

Hattie said...

Don't Hooter girls still were those hightops!? Oh how I miss astro pops. I was just talking about those yesterday & how we used to get them all the time at the baseball fields!

This decade would have to be...

timmonstimes said...

Jellies are back - I've been seeing them while shopping for summer sandles for Corinne. I loved jellies. I wished for every color but only remember having pink and clear, which turned in to a dingy color! Love your QTW!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

skinny jeans, reality TV, blackberries, and flipflops.

The 2000's were when flipflops were brought back. They used to be called thongs, but I guess now that would just be a style of underwear.

Sara said...

Loved my jelly shoes! My feet always looked horrendous after wearing those though. Stinky and nasty.

Carrie - I think I remember that. Were you at Conference?? hehe j/k

I loved my Guess jeans too. And Keds.

I think everything repeats itself after a few years.

Examples: Ballet flats came back in the 2000's. Remember Sam & Libby's from the 80's???
Leggings are back in style now - definitely 80's.

starnes family said...

Wait.....another one......umh......BLOGS!!!!!

greygillfish said...

My feet still hurt at the site of those shoes.

The Rand's said...

Remember units? Man, I used to love that store! You could wear the shirt as a skirt or a belt. Who could ask for more? HA!

Skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, iphone, facebook, all the stuff that's been said.


Kelly Beatty said...

Reality TV??? Did anybody list that one? This is a hard one Casey! Oh, and Hattie could ask Carter if the Hooters girls still wear those hightops.

Malinda said...

iPods, iPhones and Flip Flops. I know flip flops have been around forever, but everyone seems to wear them now in their everyday wardrobe.

Malinda said...

The Astropops may have been considered dangerous. It would be like letting your kids run around with a spike in their mouths. Don't you remember how hard and sharp those things would get?

merrilee said...

Great post.

Vintage t-shirts
black/dark nail polish
chunky necklaces
scarves worn with anything
Ugg boots(hate this one)

Merry Mack said...

I was going to say Units. I have a great memory of Coco and units. Scarves, add that to the list.

I wore those reeboks daily in drill team.

Lauren W said...

Forget Astro pops. It was and still is all about Fun Dip.

Leiah said...

I had those Reebok hightops in red AND grape jelly purple. I loved them! Especially with some slouch socks.

Those stupid bluetooth things people wear on their ears
Reality TV - definitely

Loved this one!

Shannon said...

Whoever said they hoped the Gaga fad would die is now dead to me. Signed, New owner of 2 Gaga concert tickets

I'm not a very nostalgic person. I like what's current and think of old stuff as inferior (generally).

I think 2000s are called the millenial decade or Double Aughts.

starnes family said...

Shannon, you are exhausting. "Old stuff is inferior".

But, I did love your Lady Gaga comment!

Pam Bowers said...

I'm sure I had a pair of those hightops. They are so ugly. But were so cool then. I wanted jelly shoes sooooooooooooooooooo bad. I never got what I wanted. My niece has a pair now. They paid 50 cents at Walmart for them last summer. We hate them. I bet you could google the lollipop. There are online shops that sell candy from previous decades. A lot of that stuff is still being made...you just need to know where to go to find it.

Allyson and Dave said...

I loved my jelly shoes and pink reebok hightops.

I think the low cut skinny jeans are definitely a fad of this decade. Smart phones and Ipods will be on the list too. How did we ever survive without these things. Just think...we would go out for hours at a time with no phone and we used to have to wait on a tape to rewind to listen to music. And reality tv...even though is started in the 90's with the Real World...it really took off in the 2000's.

Moni said...

Ah, yes. The Reebok hightops....mine were banana yellow. Yes, you read that correctly. They went nicely with my parachute pants, legs warmers, and Guess sweatshirt with the teddy bear on it. And you always looked precious, Casey. I'm not a fan of Uggs or Crocs...don't intend on ever owning a pair of either, and won't go out with my husband when he is wearing his crocs!

Skinny jeans on guys....yuck. Boyfriend jeans/cardigans, spray tans (yes, I have participated in this activity and enjoy it), ankle boots, tunics, American Idol...hmmm. I will probably think of more!

starnes family said...

Definitely, Moni......the Guess teddy bear sweatshirts. I remember dressing up with Jennifer one day when we did those impromptu "twins" days.

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