Thursday, June 23, 2011

Artsy Tootsy (I don't use the F word)

Summer crafts.  For your viewing pleasure.

Disclaimer:  Don't get started without a 4 foot dinosaur at your table.  Trust me on this one.

Oh, and notice the place mats?  I've started using these each time the kids do arts and crafts.  It gives them a solid surface to work on and catches lots of excess marker swipes and dripping paint. 

First up, stamps.  Bought the little punks these Melissa and Doug sets.  We'll add to them with single stamps and more washable ink colors as the kids earn these for good behavior.  So far, we're still stuck on the original set.  It's not easy to be good all the time.

They love these things. 

Next, blocks.  Not exactly 'art', but they are certainly a good catapult for creativity.  We bought this set from PBK when Carter was a baby.  I think we've gotten our money's worth.  Here, Lainey and Jack are making a "festibul" for their critters.  That's the slide in the Midway.

Does anyone else love the smell of homemade (or store bought, for that matter) play dough as much as me?  Or gasoline?  OK, scratch that last one.  That was weird.

Recipe for the dough:

3 cups flour
3/4 cups salt
3 tsp cream of tartar
3 tbsp food coloring
3 cups water
optional:  3 tbsp of any scent

*Mix all dry ingredients into a large sauce pan.  Add liquid to it and cook on medium heat until the play dough is nearly set.  Remove from heat and let cool.  Knead when cooled.

Jack and Lainey's preschool provided this one.  Good stuff.

Homemade watercolors?  Yes, please.  I have been stalking reading La Jolla Mom since I arrived here.  She has all sorts of fantastic ideas.  Click here for the recipe for paint.

I had to buy new muffin tins because you would all stop reading my blog (and eating muffins at our house) if you saw what I cook in.  It's bad, peeps.  It's bad.

The kids enjoyed making the colors as much as they did using them.  Lots of fizzing!

La Jolla Mom's are much prettier.  And, more like paint.  But, ours worked!  The great thing, too, about using a muffin tin is that you can add water to the cups for rinsing brushes and put everything in one place.

Rylee and Cailyn came over last night and helped us. 

They work!  They work!  They really do!

La Jolla Mom suggests 10 staples for your summer time pantry. 

1. Flour
2. Salt
3. Cream of Tartar or Alum
4. Kool Aid
5. Corn Syrup
6. Corn Starch
7. Oil
8. Baking Soda
9. White Vinegar
10. Food Coloring

Take a look at her post here to see what you can do with it all.

Making paint with Kool Aid and water?  Genius.

And, finally muffin tins.  What have I been doing all these years using plates and bowls?  Muffin tins are much more fun!  Muffin Tin Mom is the expert.  I'm so inspired by her ideas.  Check them out here.  I bet you'll be serving your kids their snacks in cookware before you know it.

photo credit:  Muffin Tin Mom

I am now racking my brain with ideas of where to buy fun tins and what to put in them.  Snacks, meals, arts/crafts, legos, make up for Lainey, nail polish for mani-pedis, plastic bears for sorting, dominoes, beads, shells, and more.

I think I will be obsessing over this for a while.  You've been warned, Blake.

So, fill your chicken cabinet (or whatever you stock supplies in). 

Summer is here. 

And, bored kids = unhappy kids = frustrated mama. 

No one likes a frustrated mama.

But, be prepared.  Your kids will likely start to look like homeless children because all they will want to do is paint.  And, color.  And, create.

Can't think of a better thing to do with your time!


Dee Stephens said...

Fun stuff!! You know I don't like the smell of gasoline! My Jeep STILL smells like gas thanks to Brad! ARGH!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are making me look bad. You are so organized and full of good ideas. I hate that.

donatelli98 said...

Nerd - you are making us all look bad! I think I will send Chatty and Bia to your house for a week long Artsy Tootsy camp. What do you say???

Mama Sue said...

Thanks for the great ideas! We do not use the F word...either! My muffin tins are gross too!

Jodee said...

It looks like you are in for a fun summer at your house!

Becca Jane said...

Can I send my kids to spend the summer with you????? I promise I'll come fetch them when I'm not pregnant anymore.

Kittie Flyn said...

Um, is there anything you DON'T do? You're awesome!

Oh...and I thought that stack of colored play-do was donuts. Sheesh.

The Lenzers said...

cute and fun ideas. have you tried the colored shaving cream thing yet. kind of fun too! and i totally used to eat playdough

The Lenzers said...

oh, and loving the tins!!! I too need new ones...scaryville around here with mine

Merry Mack said...

Wow! You really are making us look bad, but it looks fun I wish I had some vinegar in this house or we would be doing that today! Fun!

Coco said...

I think TM paints at least 4 hours a day. I just have to keep paint and markers and all sizes of paper stocked.

Love the homemade water color idea. Perfect.

Amanda said...

those are cute blogs. love all the activities you do with the kids!

Anonymous said...

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