Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just Some Stuff

1.  Brody (the beautiful golden retriever) is no longer a California resident.  Doug got the call to transfer to Baltimore, so off they went.  We were still on the fence about adopting I'm sure Doug was about letting him the timing worked out nicely......neither of us had to make a decision.  We love Brody, and he was a good fit for us.  But, we kept going back to wondering if we were ready for a dog. 

This was discussed at length with Pa as we told him our concerns and love for travel and spontaneity of it.  His reaction was priceless:

"So, you two had a beer on the beach in La Jolla and decided to move cross country, jobless, in a terrible economy, to a very expensive city, but a DOG sounds too risky?"

"Yes.  We're not sure we're ready."


2.  I'm leaving with the kids on Monday for a 2 day jaunt through the Disney parks sans-Blake.  Yall know I do all sorts of things without Blake due to his travel over the years, but it occurred to me while planning......I don't think I've ever stayed overnight in a hotel room with my it one or three of them without Blake.  Caroline and I have taken the kids on several trips, but I don't think I've ever done it solo.

I guess I'm not exactly nervous, but definitely excited.  Blake is a seasoned traveler, so check in is a breeze for him......I handle the kids.......parking, check out, etc.....he does it all.....seems like a lot while juggling kiddos when I think about it.  Wish us luck!

3.  The world's biggest Disney fanatic Shannon inspired me to take this little trip to the next level and do something extra.  A scavenger hunt?  Gifts for the kids waiting for them at the hotel?  Hmmmm.....  Go and read her Day 1 (link here) of a 10 day trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  When I see all that she puts into her travel life, I think my kids totally got screwed ending up in this family.

4.  Back to the trip......any suggestions for us?  Anaheim has 2 parks and Downtown Disney, as you all probably know well enough by now and we'll have free reign in all of it.  Our hotel is walking distance to the parks, so we'll leave our car there and walk over each day.  There are plenty of restaurants and little shops along the way.......perhaps that could play into our adventure?  I want to make this a memorable experience......our last Disney encounter until late August!

5.  I just started reading Half a Life.  Sweet baby Jesus, it's a tough one.  About a high school kid who, while in the car with his friends heading to Putt Putt Golf, hit and killed a classmate just before graduation.  I've been drawn to Nonfiction lately........hence, the Henrietta Lacks book you see there on my sidebar, too. 

6.  Hangover 3?  Yes, please.

Off to google pictures of Bradley Cooper.  Happy Thursday, peeps!


Merry Mack said...

Oh my, oh my, Shannon's trip is amazing and it's only day one. I feel like a loser mom. Your trip sounds amazing. Have fun! Non-fiction, huh? I like a good memoir. I have enjoyed reading and catching up with your sweet family. Come visit me:

aunt caroline said...

Oh - I'll have to read that book this summer.

Hmmm, ideas. What if you gave each kiddo a map and said, "Pick one ride/show that we haven't done yet."

Think about all the dorky stuff we get into just by trying it. I LOVED the muppets 3d show, and we did that on a whim. I think we get stuck at our favorites - Mansion, Pirates, etc. If the kids got away from the staples, maybe they'd see more of the park - like the petting zoo???

Just an idea... I'll brainstorm more.

Kittie Flyn said...

Brave mama taking the kiddos to Disney alone but very cool, too!

I've only been to Disney once and not having little ones of my own I'm not sure as far as suggestions for the trip... hmmm

But as far as books - that memoir...yikes! When I was in high school, a classmate drowned two days after he graduated HS. It was sad and mostly, shocking. It was a strange summer for us all because we were reminded of our mortality at a very young age. Eek.

Enjoy your Disney Adventure!!!!

Kristen said...

Love Pa's quote. Such a wise man he is.

And hot damn Bradley Cooper. I was JUST talking about what I would do to that man if I ever got within 100 miles of him. Yum.

donatelli98 said...

Nerd - trying to make your trip even better! Geez my kids were lucky they got to spend a couple days at the park and I didn't strangle them. You rock!

Coco said...

I've thought what Pa said all along.
You have Jack. A dog is going to be a snap.

Impulsive Addict said...

Do you ever sit still? I'm so completely jealous of your trips.

I need to watch Hangiver part 2 soon. I'm getting nervous that it will leave the theater before I can get there!

Amanda said...

We are heading to Disney on Tuesday for 2 nights :) I will be looking for you! Have fun with the kiddosb

Shannon said...

That book sounds like something that could require a bottle of Xanax for me. My teen drives all alone a lot now - can't do that one. Maybe in 30 years?

Thanks for the mention on my trip report. Is it weird that I get a lot of these reactions and have no idea WTF anybody's talking about? It's the only way I know to do it and not sure which part makes people comment.

That being said, I do think it's fun to add magical touches to ANYthing, including trips. Gifts in the room are definitely fun (at Disney World, only the official florist can put things in the room. Not sure what your hotel's rules are.) You could also do something special that the kids aren't expecting in the parks (don't know Disneyland well enough to know what that would be - a special meal w/characters? A tour? A reservation at Club 33?).

I'm so surprised you're anxious about staying at a hotel w/the 3 kids alone. You always seem so sure of yourself. I've done it with 2 and didn't think it was too hard. You'll do fine!

starnes family said...

I know, Shannon. Not sure if I'm so anxious......but just realized I've never done it. Always have my buddy with me. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Pa is a funny guy! I guess Brody is staying where he needs to be for now.
No ideas on Disney but I do love the CA Park!