Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini Scoop

Dana Point kayaking, first up.

I probably shouldn't say it, but Carter is a total bad ass.  Seriously.  10 years old and he's already fighting the waves in a single kayak.  This was the first time I had seen him in action, as we don't own one and he often goes with friends sans Mom.

It was impressive.

There he is......while his friend, Daniel, rides tandem with his dad.  They go all day.  Quite the workout.  We kayaked in Mexico when he was 4.  It's not easy in the ocean.

Little ones and I checked out the campground.  I can't wait to go!  Sleeping on the beach and hearing the waves crash at night?  Yes, please.

Carter's friends rented an RV and camped in style.  Jack and Lainey checked everything out.

I want an RV. 

Jack was super helpful.  He did all sorts of clean up and hauling with the big boys.

Laine was more interested in the Cheetos.

He did make time, however, to set up camp with the family next door.  Hauled his chair over there like always.  It's a good thing I'm well poised to take rejection.

I want a sailboat, yall.  Might have to auction of a kid to make it happen.

We will be here for the next several days.  Pool side or touring the gawdiness that is Las Vegas.  I can't wait.

A few little bits:

*The vacation fairy is slated to arrive in "Was Begas".  I know what you're thinking......the trip is enough.....and it is, but I'm using this little opportunity to sneak in some things I want them to have, all in the name of fun.  What they don't know is that indulging in these snacks and activities will help me stay on budget each day.  Dumbies.

*I love champagne.  And, when I think of Vegas, I think of sitting pool side with a glass of champagne. It does not fit in my calorie range, however.  And, sipping on Vodka seems entirely less responsible than champagne.  Damn.

*The kids have a million grand ideas of what we're going to do while there.  Carter is planning on zip lining, swimming with sharks and seeing a pirate ship come to life.  Oddly, all of these things might actually happen.

*Back soon with our first update via Was Begas......pending time and accessibility.

Have a great weekend!


Pam Bowers said...

I love Jack's friendliness with the "neighbors". So awesome! Carter is going to have some amazing memories of his childhood. Seriously, he is bad ass!!!

Kim said...

So much fun! You know I love it, the kayaking, the camping even Was Begas! Enjoy!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

So fun....have a blast in Begas!! I've never been there...must.go.soon!

Vincent Family said...

So much fun! Carter must be so proud of himself! Have fun on your trip.

Kristen said...

For the record.... I think I labeled Carter a badass a few weeks ago. Clearly I was totally spot on.

And have I told you before that you take amazing pics of the punks? I will need lessons ;)

Have fun in WAS BEGAS!!!

Dee Stephens said...

Love the kayak! Brad and I are seriously buying an RV/Camper. We've been looking and you can find some really good deals!

Jodee said...

I want an RV too! They look like sooo much fun!

Enjoy your time in Vegas!

Merry Mack said...

Carter is a badass! Camping in the sand. No thank you. I love that your kids have so much personality and are friendly! Not everyone is so lucky.