Friday, October 12, 2007

4 Weeks Old

Our baby girl is growing up!!! Nearly a month ago, we brought Lainey Caroline home from the hospital. She has been such a delight and we're all completely in love with her.

A few incidents since her birth.... She's already been to the ER for a case of an infected tear duct. Her recovery went well and has no problems now. At least with her eyes!!! Instead, our darling daughter now screams for 3 to 4 hours each night. She has a "touch of colic", as Jack did, however, his was curable with a walk outside. Lainey seems inconsolable. Which makes Jack inconsolable. And, Mom, too!! We're surviving.....they say that at 12 weeks, everything changes. It did with Jack, so we're hoping for only a couple more months of the chaos.

Despite her tantrums each night, she is such a blessing to our family. The boys are getting to know her and even Jack is adjusting better than before. He wants to constantly help me now by handing me her pacifier, burp cloth, bottle, etc....whatever is on the couch next to me. He insists that I hold each item. It's progress. We'll take it!

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The Rand's said...

She looks so peaceful and adorable! Glad her eye is better.