Monday, October 15, 2007

Playoff Game

It was a cold, cold night at Coors Field on Sunday, but the boys had a great time. They bought blankets and ponchos to keep warm and that ended up being Carter's favorite part - the ponchos. Nothing like paying $80.00 a piece for $4.00 seats....only for the recipient to appreciate the poncho worth $.25 more than anything. Kids!!!!

Carter really enjoyed the game. Upon arriving, he saw the crowds and commotion and told Blake, "Wow, this is a really big deal!" Other games we went to over the summer didn't quite carry the same excitement.

Before the game.....ready to go!

Crazy fan with Carter.

Blake brought his headphones to listen to the radio announcements, so Carter brought his Power Rangers set to look like Dad.

Cold and wet, but having fun!

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