Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Visit With Chris and Becky

On Friday afternoon, my brother Chris and his girlfriend, Becky, came in to spend the weekend with us. Chris will be Lainey's Godfather at her baptism this winter.

In the back yard that afternoon....

We went into Boulder that evening for dinner and a walk through Pearl Street.

It was Colorado University's Homecoming weekend. Big crowds!

Ralphie, the mascot, made an appearance which Carter LOVED.

My Aunt Barbara came to visit, too, and bought each of the boys a special gift from Powell's Candy Store. I love the Fisher Price phone she bought for Jack, as it's a replica of one I played with as a kid.

And, Carter beaming with joy after he got his R2D2 giant Pez dispenser.

Street performers.

A stop at the rock playground.

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