Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Saturday was a busy day including Carter's football game, a drive into the mountains and then a nice dinner at home provided by Chris and Becky.

Jack starting his morning with a Red Bull and checking his email.

The boys at the game.

Carter watching his teammates.

And, him in action.

Jack watching big brother.

Carter playing quarterback. In his last game, Carter threw a pass to a player and it was actually caught!!! The fact that they execute plays in this league and that they completed a pass far exceeded my expectations!

Game over. The Lions won!

In Estes Park, waiting for lunch.

So many pretty parts of the town.

We went to an Elk Festival that day.

Lots of wolves there....kind of scary.

Lots of leaves changing and the weather ended up being beautiful after a chilly start.

This part was amazing, but unnerving. It seemed as though it was too good to be true to be so up close and friendly with these elk. They are real...and there were a ton of people too close for comfort, which scared me a bit and so we kept the babies in the car and Carter in reach. I just kept thinking that someone should be filming this for a "When Animals Attack" documentary once these guys turn on us!

We decided this guy was in charge.

More Estes beauty....

One of the few pictures I got of my parents and even Barbara who hates having her picture taken!!!! I got you, Barbara!!!!

Becky and Chris.

The "haunted hotel", as Carter calls it. We stayed here during our last visit.

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Linda said...

You got the picture of Georg's dream elk! Course it wouldn't be sitting there so calm if he were around:)