Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fright Fest

Finally a few minutes to post pictures from our trip to Fright Fest. Caroline and I took the boys while Blake stayed home with Lainey.

At the entrance.

Caroline and I are always intrigued by how downright bizarre this event is each year. Here is a display at the front of chickens with their heads cut off. Is this appropriate for kids?!!!!

And, a blood waterfall....nice!

Jack on his first ride parent-free. We were SO nervous, but he did well! Carter kept his arms around him and helped him stay focused on sitting still.

Second ride!

Caroline talked us into waiting for this event. It was a behind-the-scenes tour of their haunted house on site. Lights were scary people....just the props in place and plenty of explanation of how things happen and hints on how to create our own scariness at home. It was pretty cool! Our favorite tip - hang long strands of fishing line from the ceiling to make your guests feel like they're walking through spider webs. It works!

Jack enjoying a pretzel while Carter rides his favorite, the Troika. His new thing is dipping....what a mess.

Carter playing a game....

Scary decorations. This skeleton popped up every couple of minutes and Jack LOVED it each time.

Dancing Jack.

Playing games.

This spooky parade was not nearly as exciting as last year. You can just see the end of it here.

And, the dark finally arrives....this is when things get good! At the front of the park, just beyond the main street area, was a "Fear Factor" stage where people took dares for season tickets. They poured snakes on people, bugs, etc.

Caroline and Jack (finally starting to pose for the camera a bit).

Eating "fried monkey brains".

Main Street.

Since he saw his big brother do so on the roller coaster, Jack started throwing his arms up in the air each time Carter went on the ride.

On the train.

More arms up.

Almost had everyone looking!

The end of the night is here and another fun visit to Fright Fest is over. We can't wait to go again!


This scarecrow is actually alive....he's one of the creepy performers who walk through the park once it gets dark. Carter loves these guys and follows them around and eventually gets spooked!

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