Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rockies Win!!!

Since we're still recovering from LSU's loss to Kentucky yesterday, it's nice to see one of "our" teams doing so well. The Rockies have won the first 3 games of this series and after one more win could advance to the World Series. The Colorado Rockies!!!! Since we're fairly new fans, we're still learning the history here, but most people suggest this is a nearly impossible accomplishment!

We attended 5 home games this year and most people teased us for going. "The Rockies aren't any good!" "Why are you going, again?" We had such a good time and now it's fun to see this team taking the season so far.

Blake and Carter went to the game tonight, compliments of Pa (Steve). They had a great time despite the cold rain and 40 degree temperatures. I'm sure they'll have some great pictures. I'll post them asap.

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