Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vet Visit

Of course, Lainey had to come, too. And, bring Meow Meow and her latest love, Yainey Kitty. Nothing like a narcissistic 2 year old, huh?

We were going in to take Batman for his rabies shot and to stock up on Frontline. I told her this and she replied, "But, my kitties bery sick. Dey need to see a doctor."


Here we are waiting. Batman is gobbling like a turkey, as he does when he gets nervous. Lainey tries to soothe him. Notice her "cat carrier" on the floor.

Lainey shows Batman he's famous and made the cover of Cat Fancy, but it didn't help.

Our 3 patients eagerly await the doctor.

The vet and assistant were wonderful to all 3 felines........real and imaginary......and humored Lainey with check ups and weigh ins. Amazing.

Batman left disgruntled. Lainey left feeling more proud than ever of her mothering skills. Jack was just anxious to get out of there, thinking someone was going to "shoot" him, too.

Not a whole lot else going on here in the Starnes casa. I'm working all weekend.......2 of my last 4 shifts at my darling store. I'm so sad to leave my co-workers and friends there. And, the money! Kidding. I make $8 an hour. Still better than nothing!

Blake will be on kid duty and it looks like it will be a long weekend spent outside. The weather is gorgeous right open......fall creeping's lovely. Last chance for the pool, too, as ours closes on Labor Day. Do pools close in California? We have so much to learn.

What are yall up to this weekend?


Lauren W said...

We aren't up to much. EXCEPT riding Space Mountain, hugging Mickey, having breakfast with Cinderella, going on peter Pan's magical flight, sparring with Jack Sparrow, watching parades, eating ice-cream.... well, you asked.

Tiffany said...

hello, luvah!

have an awesome weekend! drink an alcoholic beverage. maybe eat some chocolate. or mexican food. mmm.:)

Kelly Beatty said...

Poor Jack and his anxiety; I feel his pain.

Our plans? Unpack my suitcase from July, watch football and work out. I work on Monday so I'm just happy to have the weekend off.

Oh, I also checked out The Help from the library, along with Water for Elephants, Are You There Vodka.., and I am THIS CLOSE to finishing Eat Love Pray. What is the next book for the online book club?

Your move is so soon!

donatelli98 said...

No pools don't close in CA - at least I don't think they do. They don't in the desert! Love Lainey even if she is narcassitic (excuse my spelling)!! Enjoy the fall weather - send some out west - I need it!

Brittny said...

we had an awesome yard sale today, dinner with friends, church in the morn, more dinner with friends and hopefully my husband was kidding when he said he might take someone's 12 hour shift on monday and we can hang out here. our waterpark closes after monday. doesn't open until memorial weekend. reminder: we live in florida. it's hot from march until october. it's wrong people! just wrong!

Sara said...

I love that Lainey is such a good Mommy to Meow Meow. That's one lucky kitty cat.

Glad Batman survived his vet visit too. He gobbles???? HA!

timmonstimes said...

So good to catch up on the Starnes:)

I love how the vet treated meow meow - so fun! It's the little things :)