Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giveaway - A Custom Piece of Artwork

Something you may not know about me.....I have an uber talented cousin. Actually, he's Blake's cousin, but mine by marriage.

His name is Lance and he's growing two of his businesses in preparation for their 3rd child, Emily Kate, arriving in September!

To spread the word about his work, I'm hosting a giveaway. One lucky reader will receive the piece of his or her choice. (A value ranging between $250-$500, depending on what you choose!)

His two websites:

Painted Christ

Lance Brown Art

Lance is offering a painting from his Christ collection or a custom painting of your choice. Simply email him a photograph and he will paint it. (This excludes portraits)

You can see this one in his collection......but I thought I'd show it here, too. This is Blake and Carter, at the age of 2, on our first vacation to California. Lance surprised us with this piece years ago and I've treasured it ever since. We love original art. To have a custom made original? Priceless.

So, how to enter.......

1. Visit either or both of Lance's websites and leave me a comment letting me know your favorite piece of art.

2. Let me know you follow my blog for another entry.

3. Re-post this giveaway for an additional 3 entries!

Lance is currently taking custom orders and would love to paint your photographs. Start thinking about the holidays ahead and get your orders in quick! It's a gift your recipient will cherish for life.

***Giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, September 8th. I'll draw the winner randomly and make the announcement shortly after!


merrilee said...

I love the picture of the little girl, and the September 11th pic.

Amy said...

Wow, Casey you're not kidding...he is VERY talented! I love the daisies pic, the Jesus profile and the calm river/stream one. I also wish I could do anything close to that! Hope the moving process is smoothing out for you!
'Follower' Amy :o)

Leiah said...

I love the Fruits of the Spirit and also the Trust In The Lord.

Leiah said...

Girl, I'm following you like a fat kid behind the Little Debbie's truck.

Lance Brown said...


Kristen said...

AWESOME AWESOME giveaway!!! He has a piece that says "Faith Hope Love," which happens to be tattoed on my back, so that one stuck out. Oh I am already imagining the photo I would have him paint... eeee!!!

And I follow... forever and ever, to the moon and back.

And I will post this on my giveaway page for you!

The Rand's said...

Wow! He's super talented!

I love the tree one with no leaves and the last one of the couple.

And, I follow you.


Malinda said...

I like Field of Daisies.

Love his logos too.

Kim said...

Very cool giveaway! I love the firt one of the cabin. A custome piece woudl be fantastic though.

Kim said...

I also follow you!

donatelli98 said...

He has some serious talent. I love the road leading into the fall trees and the 1 Corinthians 13 paintings. I already follow you! The one of the little girl skipping on the dock reminds me of Lainey! The one of Blake and Carter is precious too!

Sara said...

Cindy- that reminded me of Lainey too! I love the 9/11 painting. And I love the painting of the tree with no leaves.
He's very talented!! I would want him to do a painting of the church where Trey and I got married in Breckenridge, CO if I won. We have some great pictures of it.
You know I follow you.

Carrie Darney said...

I'm a follower...lucky you!

I love 59/77, 65/77 and the 911 firemen putting up the American Flag...so special.

VERY talented!! I may have a photo of a custom piece I would LOVE to have done...

Carrie Darney said...

OH and also the tree with no leaves...simple yet so neat!!!

The Lenzers said...

WOW!!! great stuff
I loved the road with the trees, can you tell i am totally dreaming of fall
hope the packing is coming along and you are feeling better
we are dealing with possible chicken pox here...WTH?

The Lenzers said...

oh yeah, and I follow you cause it's the thing to do!!

The Soladay Family said...

He is super talented. I love so many. I looked at his illustrations too, and the detail in the one of the human body is out of control. Awesome.

Love the Love, Faith, Hope one. =

FROGGITY! said...

good GRIEF that is talent!

i am loving ALL of them, i like how diverse they all are! the religious pics are very moving and gorgeous. did i see lainey in there? one of them looked a lot like her!

fabulous giveaway. oh, and you know i follow you!

Jillian Bennett said...

I like #74 (the tree). That is really neat looking...

The Luis Family said...

He is very talented! It is really hard to pick just ONE! I love numbers 10, 31, 45, 53, & 70. So nice for you to put out there a new artist for everyone to see. Hopefully he will get some new clients from this!

I am a follower too!! Wouldn't miss a post!

Whittney said...

I like the rundown barn with the grass...very simple and pretty!

Whittney said...

And I follow you!

Whittney said...

And I reposted to FB for 3 more entries.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow - I wish I had family members willing to paint for me!

SASS said...

Holy talent! Those are incredible! I had no idea!
My favorite (of many)- the one of the white daisies against a blue sky. Serene & lovely.
I'm totally reposting- love original art!
Also, I'm a follower, just in case you didn't know.

The Potters said...

Those are fantastic! I love the one of Blake and Carter (of course!), but I also really like the "concrete cafe" (or so I've named it...)

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