Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sweet baby Jesus, I'm losing my mind.

House is almost sorted. Meaning, I've touched EVERY SINGLE PIECE of our inventory. Playroom will be done tonight and then the albatross hanging from my neck (I feel so smart writing that) will be gone soon. Goal for the end of the week is to have everything donated, up for sale, trashed, or with the intention of keeping. Pray for us.

That leaves 2 weeks to pack. I think I can. I think I can.

Movers have been secured. The truck has been reserved. We're buying space on a freight carrier, rather than driving a U Haul, for several reasons. It's about the same price after you factor in gas money, food on the road, a few hotel nights with the fam, etc. Plus, our sanity has a better chance for preservation if we're not driving one of those trucks.

So, onto jobs. A few prospects are looking good for Blake. I'll feel great when we're "done" in that department.

I've been thinking of working at Dash. But, then, Kim might want to be BFF and things would get awkward once she read my blog and saw this pic and all my "Ooh lah lah" talk about Reggie Bush:

Remember? Yeah, I don't think that will work out.

The search continues.

We hope to also have the home/apartment/condo/townhome/any livable space search done by the end of this week, too. Californians love the color white. And, granite. And, palm trees.

I know the map of southern California quite well now. And, we've extended our search up to the O.C. (Pretty sure they don't call it that out there. Must consult, Cam, cousin extraordinaire.) This will give us better availability for Los Angeles should we find work there.

With all that being said, I'm considering narrowing down our options to who takes photos with the toilet seat down. Seriously? I start screaming in this house of 3 children when the seat is up. Why would an agent not put it down in an empty condo?

Moving on to the Starnes kids.....

Jack and Lainey got married recently. Their first dance:

Jack hauled Lainey's baby changer upstairs just for the occasion because it plays music and people hear music when they get married. THAT is love, people.

Then, he lost interest and our bride was left to do pictures on her own. No worries. They get married a lot these days. To each other. We haven't had that talk, obviously.

We've also been skipping naptime in an effort to put kids down earlier and do more drinking work at night. Hence, a recent shot of our damn good parenting skills.

In other news, Carter is successfully boring every one at school with our moving plans. Hell, even I'm sick of hearing about them. I can only imagine what his teachers are going through.

He's also a head taller than most kids in his class. Supposed to be 6' 4". Blake's gonna get his booty kicked soon enough by one of his sons. Awesome.

How do we know this? The doctor did some calculator-type-formula when Carter was 4 and it showed he's going to be pretty tall. We don't know about Jack. Because he wouldn't stand still long enough to measure his height at his 4 year old check up. I'm thinking this contributed to the "behavior misconduct" label in his file. I think I will conveniently forget to have those forwarded to our new pediatrician in California.

Clean slates for everyone! Woo hoo!

Lainey has more dress up princess outfits than she has clothes at this point. And, I honestly don't care. If she's happy, we get more done.

I think that's it, folks! Back to house hunting......


donatelli98 said...
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donatelli98 said...

I messed up my other comment - you aren't fooling anyone we know you and Blake are partying like rockstars after you get the kids in bed. Getting ready for the Cali lifestyle!

Dee Stephens said...

They call it Orange County from what my friends who live out there tell me.
As for Dash? Dash=Dump
No joke.
A co-worker of mine went out there a few weeks ago for work and searched it out.
She said it's in a ghetto strip mall.
Can't wait to hear where ya'll land!!
As for freight.. that's what I did when I moved to Reno from BR and paid for it myself.

Allyson and Dave said...

The Dash in Miami is kind of ghetto too and everything in there is really expensive. I wonder if they even sell anything. Everyone I know that has gone to one of these places went to see the girls not to shop.

You should work for Disney...free passes!

SASS said...

Albatross! Nice.
I knew someone who would help you get some of your stuff off your hands, but they suddenly lost interest. Something to do with "ugly sleds" and not wanting to be associated. Their words, not mine. They also told me they have pictures of you from college they're going to scan and put on their blog. And one of the kids in the picture is like REALLY cute. Seriously, I bet she grew up to be a supermodel.
Anyways, Jack & Lainey getting married?! That's adorable. Especially Jack hauling the baby changer. What a man.
Good luck on the continued search! (Toilet seat up?! Realtor FAIL.)

Sara said...

Albatross comment = smartypants!

I will always call it the O.C.

Jack and Lainey getting married is too cute. And Carter is supposed to be 6'4"??!??!?!! Holy tallness. I wish Studson would have a growth spurt. I fear he's gotten the Italian genes though. Poor kid.

p.s. I really did only have one bloody mary. Then I switched to wine :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Could you come to my house and do the trash, sort, sell, throw away, keep thing? I cannot imagine moving after being in this house for the past 9 years. Good luck packing!!!

The Soladay Family said...

I fully expect Sass to use "albatross" in Words With Friends against me now.

Not sure is Laniney and Jack can legally get married. Not sure though because Cali is known for being pretty liberal. Although...that's not really liberal...it's creepy...except in Arkansas.

Can't wait to see what happens on the next episode of The Starnes Family Cross Country Experience.

starnes family said...

People, please. I had no intention of actually applying at Dash. It would be so weird if Reggie came in looking for Kim and then fell in love with me.


I don't play with fire, peeps.

ps - Blake has recommended that I apply here. "So I can work with the Kardashian girls?"

"No, just Kim."


Jodee said...

As always, I enjoyed the latest scoop! So glad things are moving right along! We are all going to have soooo much fun joining you in California!

P.S. The hubs and I watch the Kardashians every night. We are addicted!

Kim said...

You are the BEST! The scoop always makes me smile. Your comment about working at DASH also did. Good luck with everything!

Pam Bowers said...

Man, I hate packing up a house! I packed our house up all by myself as hubs had come out before me to start work. Never again I tell ya!

I hope you find your work, house, neighborhood, city soon. It will all pan out in the end. If you go north expect the traffic to double. San Diego is bad but L.A. is way worse. I did like someone's suggestion of Disneyland. They are right. Free passes.

I never married my brother. I always married a cousin! lol

Tiffany said...

i'm going to be totally generic and say 'i hate moving.' i hate it. so much so that i'm limiting my job search to charlotte simply because i just do NOT feel like moving again. ugh.

good luck to you both in your search though, and with the move, and the overal upheaval of your lives. with kids every hard thing is compounded by infinity...

also good luck with explaining to the siblings why they actually cannot get married. like, ever.

Moni said...

My cousin, Allison, and my sis-in-law both live in Irvine and absolutely love it. Remember little Allison? Yes, living the single 20-something life in the OC...I hate her. Anyway, I also know several people in the LA area if you need more specifics on locations.

Your description of the housing reminds me of when we lived in Boca Raton. White tile, white cabinets, white walls, rattan furniture....I was always waiting for the Miami Vice music to cue. Be happy they at least have granite!

The Lenzers said...

Wow! If there was ever a time for me to return the encouraging words you sent me so many times during my move.....you can do it!sounds like you've got it all mapped out. and you are not stranger to packing up a home. at least this time blake is there to help. i am so very excited for you (especially since we are now planning our vacay to SD, we will have friends to visit)HA

just don't get too drunk while packing

Monica said...

I just love Lainey's bridal portrait! Haha!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Well, you know that I am in ORANGE COUNTY...lol...only douchebags call it the OC..so if you have questions, let me know!!!

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