Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scoop - The Brief, I'm Losing My Mind Edition

I temporary lost sight of reality and took 5 kids to Union Station.....which includes Science City, the model trains, the KC Rail Experience and lunch at Fritz's in Crown Center. We're soaking it all up, peeps.......saying goodbye to Kansas City soon we're loving it while we can.

Carter invited Jake and Luke......take a look at these yahoos. Lainey and Jack came, too. Notice I called them the yahoos and not the littlest punks. Irony.

Lainey did wear the most darling smock ever, given to her by Aunt Caroline and made my her friend, Cassie. I love, love, love it.

Some random bits:

***I'm working like a fool right now. As much as I can. Moving cross country is not cheap.

***Blake has been taking the kids to the pool TWICE a day. I can barely stand it once a week. The good news? Jack and Lainey are SWIMMING! Without life jackets, under water, swimming. They even play "tea party" on the bottom of the pool with Blake. Meaning, they go under water and pretend to drink tea and eat cookies......which means they open their eyes......something I haven't done since the 3rd grade, I believe.

***Our house should have been officially leased exactly 9 minutes ago. I'll tell you when it's totally official......but everything looked good per Blake's phone conversation this morning.

***I lost my momentum, but will get back on it soon. Have been going room to room and clearing out about 1/2 of what we own. It's exhausting. But, if we have a move date, I'll be inspired. Cross your fingers again.

***Now, we just have to settle on a place to live in California.......arrange the move.......and find jobs! See? I told you it would be easy.

Off to work!


The Lenzers said...

easy-breezy!!!! I would have to get rid of half, for sure, to move to CA....houses generally smaller. Good luck. If Blake wants to teach my rugrats how to swim, I 'll come help you pack. I cannot believe they are this really intrigues me! don't work too hard. Got your message, will call you back tomorow

Dee Stephens said...

You are a machine!!That's awesome about the swimming!! wohoo!! LOVE..LOVE that dress of LC's!

Kim said...

It made me tired to read your post, you are busy, busy but glad you are squeezing in some fun too!

Happy Saturday!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Machine is right!
That shirt/dress is ridiculously cute! But she is making me hot wearing jeans.
TEA PARTY! Holy heck. My sister and I would play tea party underwater all the time. I tried to explain this to Michael and he just rolls his eyes! If you blow out before going under you'll stay on the bottom longer...instead of floating up. just a little tip if you didn't know! ;)

starnes family said...

Totally gnarly is right! Great comment, Jeff.

Jodee said...

You go girl! I know you can get it all done! Hang in there!

Allyson and Dave said...

Lainey is so stylish!! Everything will fall into place for CA...that is where you are supposed to be.

SASS said...

Ummmm Lainy looks freakin adorbs. I know you already know this, but seriously. Those blonde curls, blue eyes, cutiepie smile...kid needs to be a miniboden model. For real.
Bebes are swimming?! NUTS! Lainy just this summer let go of her floaty and is swimming.
We've been cleaning out our shit, too. NOT easy. Exhausting. And frustrating. Where did we get all this crap?!
Hang in there, lovah! It will all fall into place.

donatelli98 said...

You go girl! Lainey looks like she is 16 in that one photo from the backside - super cute top! Good luck with everything - you can do it! Kudos to Blake teaching the kids to swim! Awesome hubby but you already knew that.

Sara said...

Love Lainey's outfit!! Good job, Aunt Caroline.

FIVE kids on the Starnes field trip?? You're very brave. Or stupid. Kidding, of course.

Sorry I missed you yesterday. We were having a Sunday Funday at my cousin's house. No Redbull involved though :)

The Soladay Family said...

Lainey is getting so big! Her hair is precious, and that little smock is adorable!

You are a machine.

merrilee said...

The smock is ADORABLE! Does she sell these? If so, where can I purchase one? Crazy times, but you are a rock star!

Merry Mack said...

Oh goodness, that smock is cute, cute cute. I am glad you are soaking it all in. Wow! It will all come together. Missy Mack is swimming underwater and opening her eyes. It blows my mind. I am happy, but blown away.


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