Friday, August 27, 2010

Questions, Answered

Where are you going to work?
*Not entirely sure yet. Blake and I are both looking at our options. I'd love to find something immediately that will work with the kids' schedules (Preschool, Pre-K and 4th grade), but that almost seems to good to be true initially.

How many Red Bull/Vodkas are you and Blake consuming a day?
*Not enough. Stressful days around here, peeps.

We look like this a lot of the time. Yes, I'm the white cat. You'll see why.

How you like dem apples, boy?!

What will you do if you get there and can't find a job?
*Good question. And, one that seems to be of the utmost concern these days. I had to finally tell my Aunt Mary to quit being so practical and that things would fall into place. Silly.

But, seriously. Although we don't have jobs lined up right now, I have no doubt Blake and I will find work. We've been married for over 10 years and have yet to ask for a handout. Blake will cut grass and landscape (Californians love private gardeners)......I'll wait tables.....we'll bag groceries before a bill goes unpaid.

So, the option of us not finding jobs really isn't an option, as we're moving to set roots and stay. Our initial findings may not be perfect, but we've weighed this possibility and are ready to take that risk.

I don't mean to sound over-confident or completely jaded in our thinking. We've received all sorts of responses to this move and we've considered everything. Blake and I are both hard working people and I have faith that we'll make it happen.

Aria wants to know if her and Batman can be BFFs?

Out of all the wonderful sites to see in California, what are you most excited about doing with your kids?
*How much time do you have? California......lovely, natural California. I'm most excited about getting outside again and finding those things that we loved in Colorado....on the west coast. The mountains, beaches, hiking trails and state parks. I'm giddy just thinking about it.

I have an old college friend who lives in San Diego and we've been in touch since we decided to move out there. We were discussing places to live and his question was, "Well, what's your flavor? Ski, skate, surf or fruit.....avocados or grapes.....something in the middle?"

Love that.

Where are you currently working?
*I'll say it now because we're about to I don't typically throw out specifics......but I'm currently working at an upscale resale shop in town called Children's Orchard. I absolutely love it. And, I'm a huge believer in resale now, after finding this store. It's a cut above the rest and the quality is fantastic. The best part? There are plenty of locations in California!

What jobs are you looking to apply for in California?
*Management, retail, buying, U.S. Customs and Imports, writing, editing, accounting, and more. Are you hiring?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Are you crazy?


Where you gonna live?
*Working on it.

Are you going to have a guest room for me?
*Of course!

Aren't you afraid to fail?
*If Blake and I were afraid to fail, we would have never gotten married in the first place. We take huge leaps of faith together. We believe in each other and we trust each other to make this happen. And, I know it will!


Coco said...

Great post, Case!! I have no doubt in my mind that you and Blake are going to make this work and don't find it nuts at all. Folks who take leaps of faith such as this with a positive attitude rarely fail.

And you will make an awesome waitress.

I'm sad about you no longer working at Children's Orchard. What am I going to do for Tess' precious wardrobe?

The Soladay Family said...

Agree with Coco. What is life without taking risks? If Ryan and I could, we'd move in a heartbeat. Someday...

Not accepting/asking for handouts is teaching your children to take responsibility for their own lives. Good job.

FROGGITY! said...

I think this opportunity is extremely exciting for y'all!

It is awesome that y'all are living your life, doing something that feels natural even if all of the specifics aren't worked out yet... and I quote Auntie Mame:
"Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"
So glad to know that y'all won't go 'hungry!' :)

God bless and can't wait to hear about how all of this unfolds.

Dee Stephens said...

I'm not into handouts either. FO SHO!
Ya'll will make it work. People do it all the time :)
Have you guys looked at Temecula!? WINE COUNTRY baby!

Becca Jane said...

So great to read! We've had the same convo's about TN....I told Nate I'd work at Taco Bell, or he could be a substitute teacher if things don't happen right's such a leap of faith, but like you, we just feel like we'll be taken care of! My problem is that I have an entire year to stress about it and imagine what could go wrong...not good for my anxiety!

donatelli98 said...

I love your optimism and courage - can you bottle some up and send to me??? I could use some.

SASS said...

Yall are a brilliant example for your bebes and everyone else. I know you can do it! Handout shmandouts, yall are the shit.

The Lenzers said...

thanks for the laugh (with the video0never look away white cat, never look away) and thanks for the tear (or 2) with the last statement. you have such a wonderful family and blessed marriage. you can do anything with that kind of faith, in your love, your family, each other, God!!!

Jodee said...

I love your attitude! You guys will be just fine!

Amy said...

Y'all rock. You are doing the right thing. And I have no doubt it's gonna work out all awesome. Praying the stress part passes quickly! XO

Tiffany said...

sometimes i want to call you 'casey kasem'. i don't know.

the whole thing sounds like an adventure to me. the husband and i moved south where we didn't know anyone and i didn't have a job (he did) and we really weren't sure how it was all going to work out but, we're still here and kickin' so, we must have done something right.

we do what we think is best for our families at the time--move forward and things will fall into place. :)

ps- love the cats. and i hate cats. (meow meow excluded...)

Rebekah Williams said...

Hey. I'm sorry.
Life sucks sometimes. My hubby's salary was cut 15% last week, and we've discussed a CA move, too.
Hang in there. Keep us posted.
This economy stinks.

Tammy said...

OH MY GOSH Casey. Apparently I have not been reading blogs much lately because I just read this about the move, and I didn't EVEN know you were moving!We need to talk because Dan and I are seriously considering just packing up and heading closer to my parents in Michigan....

Merry Mack said...

Everyone, including yourself, is right. This is what life is all about. You have a chance to do raise your family where you have dreamed of raising them and you are taking it. Go for it. Loving each other through it is the only way to survive. I am just glad we get to come along for the ride.

Susan said...

I think someone should offer you a job in tourism. You make me want to visit KC and I know you will REALLY make me want to visit California once you start posting after the move.

starnes family said...

You guys are too kind!

Thanks, Susan. I would LOVE to plan travel or write a guide, review places, etc. Maybe one day!

Kristen said...

I 10000000% know you'll find jobs too... and if you have to bag groceries, or wait tables, you'll rock it. I firmly believe that all work is important. No job, in my opinion, is ever below anyone... and I admire how open you are to doing whatever it takes to make a go of it out in Cali.

We only live once... and sometimes, even that once is far too short. So live big. Be crazy... chase down dreams. And do whatever it takes to be happy. I love that you and Blake are doing this... absolutely love it!