Wednesday, August 11, 2010

La Jolla Vacation - Day 13 - Tide Pools and Disneyland With Pa

We started early on this day, waking with the sunrise and exploring the tide pools at Windansea Beach.

Crabbie. I love seeing these creatures in their natural element.

Back home, coffee for everyone and then breakfast on the way to the happiest place on earth!

Pa had never been. In 59 years.......never visited Disneyland or Disneyworld. So happy to be there for his first visit.

Love this. We bought him his own Mickey Ears with "Pa" stitched on the back like the kids.

Such a good sport.

Pretty sure he's praying here.....

And, now looking at Carter like, "Why did you talk me into this?!"

Lainey got her first autograph book and was lucky enough to have the princesses sign it throughout the park. She twirled and danced with sweet.

In true Disney fashion, they were princess-like in every way. Their costume, demeanor, voice and handling of the children. It was so sweet to see. Pa and the boys stayed back to give Lainey the spotlight.

Except for this one.....Lainey got a little nervous.

She clung to her book for the rest of the day.

The luckiest kid ever, Carter, was chosen by the Straw Hat band to compete with Donald in drumming skills.

We all watched the excitement from the curb.

Donald showed him how to do it.

A video from the competition:

Here he is after the showdown. Cute.

Jungle cruise.....

Pa had his "First Time Visit" button on......and Carter, his from the drum solo performance. Pretty cool.

Time for a late lunch......delicious clam chowder.


Treats for everyone.

Lainey put on her own show before the actual performers arrived. Notice how she licks Jack's shoe at the end. Because she thinks she's a cat. Of course.

The music started and things got interesting. Jack tried to kick Winnie the Pooh because he was scared of him. This must have spawned an alert to all of the costumed cast members, via headsets, I'm assuming.....they all visited Jack at one point or another. I can just hear it, "Psycho kid in orange mega-double-stroller. Looks a little unstable. Go mess with him."

Lainey went out to dance at one point.

More visitors for Jack.

It all ended well after the characters razzed him a bit. Two non-costumed cast members came over with confetti and celebrated with Jack at the end of the parade. He loved it. Happy Jack = makes me love this place even more.

It's a Small World......

A roller coaster in Toon Pa's face with Jack.

Here, too! Look at daredevil Laine.

And, they're out. If we had a stroller big enough for him, Pa would have been as well.

While the little ones dreamed, we enjoyed a final corny dog.......which, I will say was better than the State Fair of Texas. Pa launched into a 20 minute comparison of the two....he seems to know a lot about this delicacy. Told us he once ate 12 at the fair one year. 12, people. I didn't even know that was legal.

One more post. Promise. Then, it's back to daily life with the Starnes fam. Coming soon!


donatelli98 said...

So did you go to Disney twice this time - once with Pa and once without? Looks like fun was had by all!! Love how everyone came up to Jack - nice kick to Pooh! I am sure that was a proud Mom moment.

starnes family said...

Yep, once with Caroline and then again with Pa.

So much fun!

Proud mom moment is right.....:)

timmonstimes said...

Jack kicking pooh is hilarious!

SASS said...

My daily Jack fix. Cracking up at the Pooh moment. Most kids shrivel up and hide. Jack goes straight for the hunny. My kinda man.
Lainey and the princesses! That Belle is really good!
Pa is such a good sport. Ears, parades, rides. The best Pa ever!
Carter's drum competition. He is so freakin handsome. Where did he get that? Oh yeah, Pa.
Umm did yall teach Lainey Elaine's Little Kicks? I shouldn't be surprised.

Dee Stephens said...

The licking the shoe is funny!! Love the princess pictures :-)
and.. my favorite treat at Disney are those Micky ears..mmmmm GOOD!

aunt caroline said...

Disneyland really is magical. I had a smile on my face the whole time while reading this post. I'm SO happy Pa could enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!

If the shoe FITZ said...

great post.
can't believe Pa has never been! Michael hasn't either!
Did you know that the autograph book is the #1 selling item at disney?
the princesses are so cool.
i was hoping carter would have wacked donald with his drum stick...but then he's the nicest of the Starnes' kids! :)

Jodee said...

What a fun day with Pa! He is such a great sport! I love, love, love the pictures with the princesses. I can’t wait to take the kids some day!

Monica said...

If only I could sum our Disney experience up so nicely and neatly like you did. Jack kicking Pooh is so funny. I actually laughed out loud at my desk. So glad Pa got to experience Disney for the first time with his grandkids. That's makes it even that much better!

Shannon said...

Sigh. This makes my heart happy. Laine and her princesses. And your princesses were mostly all beautiful! Sometimes they can be a little low rent. Love it.

The Rand's said...

Sweet Pa! Glad he got to go with you guys.

Jack kicking Pooh. Hilarious.

LC and her autograph book. Precious.

And Carter, how lucky to do that contest! Fun!

Kristen said...

I adore the boys' matching Guard sweatshirts...

And I am so jealous of Lainey and her princess pics. I always thought the most awesome job ever would to be a Disney princess. Perhaps I will still pursue that...
and the kids and Pa in their mouse ears made smile from ear to ear. So so sweet!!

Merry Mack said...

Damn when does this vacation end?

I love that picture of Lainey and Pa. Frame it.

Your princess with the princesses is so cute.

Your kids got the full Disney experience and Pa too.

That is so funny about the Jack alert

The Lenzers said...

LC wasn't afraid of the princess, Blake just wanted to sit by her!! And back to normal life/blog posts for you? Please, you have 3 kids and are moving across the country. life is not normal

Coco said...

So cute! I love that Pa got to go with y'all.

Lainey and her dancing is priceless.

Is Jack drinking a real Coke? Is that smart? And I can hear he hasnt switched to non-filters.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

You guys did SO much - and I don't think I've ever encountered quite that much ocean life or costumed adults!

Carrie Darney said...

That's it...I want to be a Princess at Disney...they are all so beautiful. That is my get skinney and really pretty in the next year...

AND love Jack kicking Pooh in the...wait, does he have balls?!?

LC putting on a sweet.

Pa...just delicious...

Carter. words for how great that boy is. Tell Him I said hi!! And miss him!! ;)

Tiffany said...

pa's a good sport wearing his mickey hat! we're thinking of taking the babes next summer or fall to disney world. we went in august once though and the heat was unbearable so, yeah. probably in the fall.

Kim said...

Lol! jack kicking Winnie send more Characters over, too funny! Looks like a great day, that would have been my favorite!

Sara said...

Jack kicking Pooh - love it!!! Freakin' hilarious. And you're so right. They probably did announce to every single character to go mess with him.

That one princess that LC got freaked out about?? I would have too. She's a little freaky looking, you have to admit.

So glad that Pa got to join y'all at Disney. Fun times!!

Love the pic of the starfish and the jellyfish. Those are good, Case!!

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