Monday, August 16, 2010

The Latest Scoop

The house is OFFICIALLY leased. We have to be out September 14 at noon. Which means, Lainey will be spending her 3rd birthday on the road moving out west!

We gave a little.....had to in order to time the move as we wanted it and secure this tenant......but I believe we're coming out ahead. The sooner we get to California, the sooner we can settle Carter in school, find jobs and start Jack and Lainey in Preschool.

Our current project is going well and I'll be posting a link to a site that shows all of the furniture we're selling in case any of you locals Kansans are interested. Mega-deals, peeps. We're selling half of what we own.

Some recent pics:

This kid is getting a haircut soon. Like, tomorrow. He's looking homeless at this point.

And, Lainey's been sporting the rain boots to the pool. Makes sense in our 100 degree heat.

Swimming pool fools.....

Lainey has mad acrobat skills.

Batman is daydreaming here about living in a normal home. I just know it.

Lainey looked a whole lot like Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction after removing her braids recently. I told Blake to keep all the bunnies in the neighborhood away from her and he didn't get it.

Jack is still Jack. "Don't pitcher me!!!!!!"

Sweet Carter has his new shoes lined up for his first day of 4th grade tomorrow. As much as we tried to avoid it.....after speaking to school districts in our prospective cities in California and here in Overland Park, we decided to get him started. He'll only go a few weeks......but it will give him a chance to say goodbye to friends and announce the exciting news regarding our move.

We're leaning towards hiring a driver to move our cars out at the same time.....and spend a few days in a hotel prior to signing a lease. The internet has endless resources and Google Earth can show us an amazing amount of information about the houses/condos/townhomes we're looking at.....but there's nothing like seeing it first hand.

Still lots to work through. Still lots to decide. But, we're beyond excited about this next venture!

Check out the monthly temps in San Diego:

Temperature highs/lows

January 65/48
February 66/50
March 66/52
April 68/55

May 69/58
June 71/61
July 76/65
August 78/67
September 77/65
October 75/60
November 70/54
December 66/49

I know. I can't wait.

More to come after Carter's first day. Hope yall are having a good week!


Leiah said...

Oh my gravy - you absolutely have to teach Miss Lainey how to say "I'll won't be ignored Dan!" I'm cracking myself up here.

donatelli98 said...

Nice kicks Carter! I love the Glenn Close reference with Lainey! Blake is supporting a great tan - I am sure it looks fab in his interview suit! Homeless Jack is priceless!! Looks like you are moving along nicely on the move!!

Kim said...

So now that you have posted the month by month temps in CA I just might be moving with you! I hope Carter has a great 1st day of 4th grade. Can't wait to see Jack's hair cut. Lainey is cute as always.

Heather said...

Thx for the update! I'm so excited for the move!


Dee Stephens said...

i'm excited too! love LC's swimsuit! Tell me where you got it..did you have the monogram done locally?
Paigee would loves one for her birthday 9/10!

Jodee said...

So glad to hear things are moving right along and in the right direction! That Fatal Attraction picture cracks me up! She is soooo flippin' cute!

Hope you have a great week!

starnes family said...

Dee - I mimicked a look I found on Kelly's Kids from last year. It's actually a cheap Target suit that I took to our monogram place when we lived in Colorado and had her do the initials.

Check out for, love, love their stuff. It's pricey, so I try to do my own similar thing!

timmonstimes said...

Oh how I've missed reading about the sweet Starnes family:) I must be hormonal or something because I totally teared up at Carter's shoe picture:) So cute!

If the shoe FITZ said...

i need some can i get to kansas!!!!

Sara said...

Love Jack's shirt - "Sister for Sale"

And LC totally looks like Glenn Close in that pic. Hilarious.

This is all happening so fast. Love it!!! I owe you a phone call. I've been a slacker. And tired. :)

Glad everything is falling into place. Can't wait to hear how Carter's first day went!

Monica said...

Still jealous.

Merry Mack said...

This is so very exciting! Sounds like a good plan with the driver.

Clare said...

Love the high/lows, sounds perfect!!

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