Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Afternoon Out

We had another beautiful day here in Colorado on Tuesday. Blake came home a bit early and we walked the neighborhood. Jack rode in the "baby backpack" as Carter calls it. He loved it at times and then at others, wasn't quite sure what was going on.

Getting ready.

Outside and having fun!

Love those chunky baby feet hanging down.

Blake bent over to adjust the seat on Carter's bike and Carter cracked up laughing because Jack looked like he was flying.

Happy guy.

We sat on the drive way when we got we did in Keller on a daily basis when the weather was good....brought back memories. Missing our old neighbors, wasn't the usual gang outside!

Gavin and Carter.


Shannon said...

Never really seen the driveway/garage sitting until we moved to Texas. Do your Colorado neighbors do it?

starnes family said...

Nope, not here. We spent almost every afternoon/evening outside on the driveway in Texas. Just a good way to see neighbors.