Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garden of the Gods

Last week, the boys and I went into Colorado Springs for the day. We visited The Garden of the Gods, a gorgeous Colorado State Park that dates back hundreds of years. The history and geological creation of the park is really interesting.

Here are the boys looking out from the visitor center.

Pikes Peak behind the park.

At the visitor center, we watched a movie on the creation of the park, gathered maps and learned where to go. We were lucky enough to time our visit with a 2:00pm Nature Walk, so we got a hands-on history lesson and good insight into what it's all about.

These are the "kissing camels".

Look closely and you'll see a rare falcon mother sitting outside of her nest on the side of one of the rocks.

Crazy rock climbers.

So beautiful.

The family comedian.

Checking things out.

Such a great kid.